Screen protector for iPhone 5s – GLAZ is made of genuine glass and as hard as sapphire

In 2013, the iPhone 5s set new standards as a lifestyle product in both business and private life. Even now, its timeless elegance makes it a great alternative to its more powerful brothers 6 and 6+. It’s just as valuable, especially when – without sacrificing any of the iPhone 5s features – you protect your loyal companion from everyday dangers with a professional screen protector.

We have made it our task not to develop just another protection film for the iPhone 5s, but a glass screen protector which enhances the iPhone 5s, making it even more fascinating.

Consequently, GLAZ is more than just a protection film for the iPhone 5s. It’s made of genuine glass and it’s as hard as sapphire. A constant companion who protects your iPhone 5s like a bodyguard.

GLAZ’s high touch sensitivity provides highest-level invisible protection. Crystal clear HD quality, optimal glare protection and a grease-repellent surface provide the iPhone 5s with ultimate elegance without impeding any of its functions. GLAZ, a luxury for your iPhone 5s which you feel rather than see.

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