Screen protector iPad Pro 12,9″ – discover a true feeling of safety every day, with every touch

The iPad changes your perspective and opens entirely new doors when it comes to designing and sharing. More than just a lifestyle product, it’s technology at its very best. The 12.9-inch Retina® display features the highest resolution of all IOS devices and is the most trail-blazing display ever developed by Apple. The multi-touch technology has set new standards in the world of tablets, because the iPad Pro feels what you want and opens your creative potential in new dimensions.

The display size and the sensitivity of its sensors require exceptional screen protection. Reason enough to develop a screen protector which simply, exceptionally and sensitively adapts to the iPad Pro’s requirements and secures this fascinating experience with unique protection.

GLAZ Liquid perfectly renders the strikingly realistic colours of your iPad Pro and ensures highest quality in both functionality and design. This transparent screen protector understands the iPad’s technology and interacts with it.

GLAZ Liquid is a liquefied glass of the highest quality. A bodyguard which perfectly protects your iPad Pro day in day out and epitomises the lifestyle it represents. GLAZ fans want this extra safety perk and treasure it, as they experience this time after time, touch after touch, day after day.

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