Screen protector iPad mini – while size is a matter of taste, safety is not.

Since the iPad mini has made its debut, every user knows: even small things can give a  great performance. The display with its crisp, brilliant images sets new standards and its powerful features leave nothing to be desired. The iPad unites simply everything you would expect from a high-tech device: versatility, flexibility and sublime beauty. It is so thin and so light that you can literally take it anywhere you like. Reason enough to protect your iPad mini from everyday dangers and ensure its value will remain just the same.

We faced the challenge of developing a protection film for the iPad mini to support its brilliance and high touch functionality while providing this small powerhouse with perfect protection. The result sets new standards and what started as a conventional protection film evolved into a genuine glass screen protector with a translucency of 96.3% and a resistance equal to that of sapphire. GLAZ is more than just a protection film for your iPad mini, because the iPad mini is definitely more than just a tablet. Once you have experienced GLAZ, you will not want to do without it anymore. It helps you through the day. It is bodyguard and stylist all rolled into one. Protect what you love and enjoy the small joys in life.

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