Screen protector iPad Air – GLAZ is genuine glass designed to protect

It’s the lightness of being which connects us with the iPad Air. This smart companion makes our work and leisure time not only easier, but it also helps us to do things differently. The unconscious change of our habits is both fascinating and magical. This is why we get so close to our iPad Air, we trust it and we also want to protect it. That’s reason enough to select a screen protector that epitomises the lifestyle and perfection of our loyal companion.

This is why we developed GLAZ as a screen protector for the iPad Air. A flat, light and powerful multi talent which heightens the vivid colours of the iPad Air and perfects its high touch sensitivity. GLAZ is has tough as sapphire and complements the timeless elegance of the iPad Air. GLAZ is the simply different protector for the iPad Air. Made to protect.

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