Slim design – only 0,25 mm thin

Our iPhone X bulletproof glass comes on elegant and slim. With a thinness of just 0.25mm it offers unique ease of use. Due to its slim design, there are no functional limitations.

4D technology for the highest user comfort

Not 2D, not 3D, but 4D. You feel the perfection every day, down to the smallest detail, with every gesture. Due to the 4D rounding, there are no annoying edges on our iPhone X protective film. The screen protector follows the curves of the iPhone design. Buy bulletproof glass for iPhone X now

Double keeps better and longer – the anti-fingerprint coating

The iPhone X bulletproof glass is a clean thing anyway. Two layers of anti-fingerprint coating provide a visible reduction in fingerprints on the stunning design of the iPhone X. With a wipe, the fingerprints are gone as if by magic. Since we apply two layers of the coating, it is of course longer lasting.

Easy application with a precisely fitting applicator

Frustration-free and at the same time precisely attachment is guaranteed by our specially developed applicator fort he iPhone X. Simply place the attachment aid over the iPhone, insert the screen protector and be astonished. That’s how fast it works. Buy Screen Protector 2.0 for iPhone X now

No matter if text or pictures – we have the right installation instructions for you

At any time, an illustrated installation guide gives you more comfort and service when installing the screen protector. If you do not have enough pictures, our installation video will be available at any time in German as well as in English on YouTube.

No more functional restrictions due to dust

Thanks to its innovative and precise design, the screen protector also remains dust-free in the area of the sensor strip (Notch). No impairment in the fascination of the most advanced technology in an Apple smartphone as FaceID and Co.

The screen protector 2.0 4D offers a pure and at the same time fitting design experience. A clear Clear Notch area keeps the look of the iPhone X display the same. Enjoy the most advanced technology in an Apple smartphone in combination with the most innovative bulletproof glass.

Impressive color brilliance

See the difference with your own eyes at a light transmittance of 99% at our iPhone X bulletproof glass. Experience stunning color and high brightness with no visible difference on your iPhone OLED display.

Hard as a sapphire can save a lot of money

The most important function of a screen protector is the protection of the unique display. With a hardness of 9H and a smart protective film design, falls can be intercepted, so that the display can continue to shine in its pure elegance. At the same time the right protection fort the back saves you expensive repair costs in the amount of about 321,10 €. Buy bulletproof glass for iPhone X now.

Greatest case compatibility thanks to slim design

Due to the unique, slim design with a thinness of only 0.25mm, our protective glass is compatible with many cases, e.g. with the Apple Leather Case. An up to date list of compatible cases will be available soon.

Advanced features

Applicator application aid


0,25 mm


upon need


Anti Fingerprint

Cleaning effect

Manufacturer specific Low share compatible


Not compatible

Under water



Advanced features

100% protection in 4D

edge cover

several times possibility




Application within 10 min.





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iPhone X bulletproof glass tested by Youtube Star TechFloyd

GLAZ is more than just a screen protector. Because GLAZ gives your iPhone a completely new style. Youtuber TechFloyd shows how easy it is to change the display color of your iPhone and determine your own lifestyle.

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