GLAZ screen protector 2.0 – pure innovation, made for your iPhone 7

Our aim was to safeguard the excellence of the iPhone 7 with the perfect screen protector for every situation. Because combining the best of two visionary worlds is bound to produce something even better. This is how GLAZ screen protector 2.0 was created – a glass shield which bonds with the greatest precision to the iPhone 7 and seamlessly reflects and protects its fine details.

The complex construction of the authentic glass makes GLAZ three times harder than any conventional protective films. The extraordinary brilliance of the colours in HD quality matches that of the iPhone 7 and its high touch sensitivity ensures total functionality. This make GLAZ special and in many aspects different from conventional protective films. Quite simply, it’s made for your iPhone 7.

A first-class screen protector

Additional features

  1. As hard as sapphire
  2. Immaculate design
  3. Touch ID button
  4. Rounded edges
  5. Exact positioning

Technical Details

  1. For iPhone 7/7+
  2. Thin, 0.9mm strong genuine glass
  3. 96 % light translucency
  4. Colour brilliance in HD quality
  5. Durable surface bonding

iPhone screen protector 2.0 – the latest innovations

GLAZ screen protector 2.0 is highest quality, pure innovation. The protective glass of our new screen protector is curved and completely covers the sensitive edges of your iPhone 7. We have elegantly levelled the fingerprint sensor with the Touch ID button to preserve the immaculate design. GLAZ forms an elegant symbiosis with your iPhone 7. It is a statement in terms of design and technological pioneering spirit. This is what makes GLAZ so special. It is a lifestyle protector offering uncompromising protection to the iPhone 7’s extraordinary capabilities.

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German Youtube Star FelixBa tests GLAZ screen protector 2.0

GLAZ is more than a simple screen protector film. GLAZ completely re-styles your iPhone. Youtuber FelixBa shows how easy it is to change the colour of your iPhone screen and adapt it to your personal lifestyle.

Buy screen protector 2.0 for iPhones 7 and 7+ now

Screen protector 2.0 is also available for

iPhone 6/6s
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iPhone 6+/6s+
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