GLAZ screen protector 2.0 4D – Our best protection

The Apple iPhone 8 is the perfection of a Smartphone in the 8thgeneration in the year 2017. The slim, elegant design from Jony Ive from the iPhone 6 is also used with iPhone 8. You can feel the perfection and integration of the screen, border and backside better than ever. Due to the new and innovative glass backside, it is possible to charge the iPhone 8 wireless now. As the Apple iPhone is coming closer and closer to the perfection of a Smartphone, so the suitable screen protector and an iPhone 8 case has to follow this perfection. Experience the fascination Apple iPhone 8 with an innovative and uncompromising tempered glass iPhone 8 from GLAZ!

Extended features

  1. Hardness of 9H
  2. Height: 0,33 mm (glass layer)
  3. Design: 4D border protection
  4. Transparency of 99%
  5. Home Button: Touch ID Button
  6. Screen adhesion: very strong

Extended features

  1. Cleaning: Anti-Fingerprint-Coating
  2. Durability: depending on use rate
  3. Case combability: manufacturer-specific
  4. Installation: application affixing assistance
  5. Reutilization: possible for several times
  6. Not compatible under water

The best screen protector or nothing

Ultra slim screen protector design – Tempered glass iPhone 8

The appearance of the tempered glass iPhone 8 is ultra slim, protective foil stands out on only 0.33mm (glass layer), which does not affect the elegant and timelessly beautiful design of the iPhone 8. Due to the impressive thickness of the tempered glass foil, there are no functional restrictions, such as with 3D-Touch.

4D screen protector design – Unique experience

Not just 2D, no also not 3D, but 4D. With its unique 4D screen protector design, iPhone 8 Plus tempered glass gives you more comfort at the border area. Furthermore, the 4D design of the iPhone 8 tempered glass increases the protection in the border area against fractures and scratches. We also focus on the protection of the Home Button. With the enclosed Touch ID Button, you don’t just protect the Home Button against scratches, but you also balance the difference in height. The function of the Touch ID will not be restricted. A unique experience that you will feel every day.

GLAZ screen protector 2.0 – The smart tempered glass

More overview – Double Anti-Fingerprint-Coating

The tempered glass iPhone 8 isn’t just clean thing, it also increases your visibility on your Smartphone. GLAZ has directly given two layers of Anti-Fingerprint-Coating for the iPhone 8 protective film. So, you have a longer Easy-Clean-Effect and fingerprints do not stick quickly on the screen protector.

The extra bit of support – GLAZ screen protector

With GLAZ, you don’t just buy a screen protector. At all times, GLAZ offers you a pictured installation guide a bit of convenience and service when installing your screen protector. If pictures are not enough for you, our installation video is available to you in German and English on YouTube. If you need further help or have questions, please contact our friendly German support by mail, phone or via our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

GLAZ screen protector 2.0 – Perfection in detail

Your style, your iPhone 8 case

Your style, your iPhone 8 case is not only a phrase, but it is also our goal. With our unique 4D screen protector design, even more cases and covers are compatible now. For example, the original leather cases from Apple or our iPhone 8 case are compatible with the tempered glass foil.

Smart tempered glass iPhone 8 – Save money and time

The smart tempered glass iPhone 8 from GLAZ don’t just let you save valuable money, but also time. Because due to the maximum protection with a GLAZ protective foil, you don’t just save money for a expensive iPhone screen repair, you save time as well.

GLAZ Screen Protector 2.0 shown on our YouTube channel

Thus, the GLAZ armored glass iPhone 8 is more than just a screen protector. The GLAZ screen protector 2.0 4D underlines the noble and timeless design of your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. For example, the YouTuber FelixBa shows how easy you can change the display color of your Apple iPhone 8 with a GLAZ protective film and determine your own lifestyle.

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