GLAZ Liquid 2.0 – Pure Fascination, made for your Samsung S8/S8 plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is currently the most futuristic smartphone on the market and impresses with its fascinating OLED edge-to-edge display. A completely borderless display is enclosed by a noble aluminum case and closes in a glass surface on the back. Outstanding processing combined with up-to-date technology and future-oriented technology makes people’s hearts beat faster – #DoWhatYouCant

Your first choice GLAZ Liquid 2.0

Additional Features

  1. Covers the display 100 %
  2. 9+H – Harder than sapphire
  3. 5 years durability
  4. Easy Clean Effect (Anti-Finger-Print)
  5. 3-layer-procedure

Technical Details

  1. For iPhone 7/7+
  2. 100 % light translucency
  3. Colour brilliance in HD quality
  4. Fully hardened after 7-10 days
  5. Unlimited use
    during the drying phase

Do not make any compromises in design and functionality

Such a brilliant OLED display in the Samsung Galaxy S8 must of course also be protected securely. The GLAZ Liquid 2.0 is the first choice when it comes to screen protection, which does not compromise in design and functionality. Liquid glass crystals can be perfectly matched to the edge-to-edge display and offer an incomprehensible, invisible but also strong protection with a hardness of 9 + H for your Samsung Galaxy S8 in the 3-layer process. In contrast to conventional protective films, the liquid 2.0 with its liquid glass crystals can not detach itself from the rounding. The GLAZ Liquid 2.0 also protects you with your underwater experience 100%, as the water in contrast to normal protective film can not affect the liquid. So your device is 100% protected at any time and place for the next 5 years. The smooth surface structure of the Liquid 2.0 provides a greasy and antibacterial display.

GLAZ Liquid 2.0 in the test of the YouTuber WirPackenAus

GLAZ fans appreciate these features of the visionary liquid glass screen protector. Feel and witness the difference to the conventional screen protector!

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GLAZ Liquid 2.0 is also available for

iPhone 6/6s
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iPhone 6+/6s+
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