Payment methods GLAZ screen protector

How to pay for your GLAZ screen protector. We offer you a number of different payment methods. Simply select the payment method of your choice. In some cases, the delivery charges may vary based on the mode of payment selected. The prices listed in the respective product offers reflect the total cost. They comprise all pricing components including all applicable taxes, such as German VAT. Only in the event of a cross-border delivery, additional taxes (e.g. in case of an intra-communal purchase) and/or fees (e.g. customs duty) may be incurred. You will have to pay these to the customs or tax authorities of the respective country, rather than to the seller. The cost for mailing and/or dispatch of the goods is not included in the sales price. They are listed on the “Delivery charges” page. These will be shown separately during the ordering process and will have to be borne by you in addition to the sales price.


Credit card

Imply pay by credit card. Both Visa and Mastercard are accepted.



With your PayPal account you can pay even safer and faster.


Sofort Überweisung (Immediately Banking)

With your Banking account you can pay even safer and faster.