iPhone XS (Max) bulletproof glass in comparison

KriteriumScreen protector hybridScreen protector 2.0 4D



Appearancealmost invisibleinvisible
MaterialReal Glass and composite material100% Real Glass
Durabilityalmost indestructiblevery high
Edges4D Flex with 100% display covering4D with 100% display covering
Grease repellent2x Coating2x Coating
Case-Compatibilityalmost unlimitedlimited

Our screen protector hybrid live in action

Watch our iPhone XS bulletproof glass live and in action on our YouTube channel. You’ll also find a video about the iPhone XS screen protector 2.0 4D Clear Notch, our 100% real glass iPhone XS screen protector with a unique 4D design.

iPhone XS Displayschutz

Extremely slim iPhone XS bulletproof glass design

With our new iPhone XS screen protector hybrid, we have adopted the thickness and further perfected it. Because the glass-layer thickness of the iPhone XS bulletproof glass is only 0.20mm. Thus, the sensitivity and the screen protection feeling were impressively improved.

iPhone XS Displayschutz

Almost indestructible – the hybrid protective film with 4D Flex edge

For the first time we use the combination of real glass and composite materials for the new iPhone XS protective film. Because this combination offers on the one hand an extreme hardness and on the other hand an almost indestructible 4D-Flex-edge. Furthermore, thanks to the 4D design, the Hybrid armored glass protects the display with 100% screen coverage.

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Always a clear view – double anti-fingerprint coating

Just like the iPhone X Screen Protector 2.0 4D, the iPhone XS Screen Protector Hybrid has a dual anti-fingerprint coating. This gives you a clearer view of your fascinating OLED display through visibly reduced fingerprints. Furthermore, the coating reduces the accumulation of bacteria and also facilitates the cleaning of the protective film.

iPhone XS Panzerglas

Easy installation thanks to GLAZ applicator

With the GLAZ applicator you will never again experience a frustrating screen protection installation. Because of our application help, you can attach the iPhone XS armored glass perfectly and 100% fit. In addition, the special coating on the hybrid protective film ensures that the screen protector approaches the display within seconds.

iPhone XS Panzerglas

100% dust-free with Clear Notch design

Due to the unique 4D design of the iPhone XS screen protector and a full-surface coating remains the Notch, the sensor area of ​​the Apple iPhone, 100% free of dust.

iPhone XS Schutzfolie

9H hard iPhone XS bulletproof glass saves money

Anyone saving on screen protection will definitely save at the wrong end. Just the repair of the new OLED display is extremely expensive and costs, for example, 321.10 euros for the iPhone X. Therefore, it is more important to protect the Apple smartphone display against scratches and other damage. The iPhone XS Screen Protector Hybrid is up to this task and protects your OLED display with a hardness of 9H and intelligent 4D design even across the display curves.

iPhone XS Displayschutzfolie

Largest possible iPhone XS case compatibility

If you have decided on a new iPhone XS Case, we offer the iPhone XS armored glass Hybrid maximum case compatibility. Due to the impressive thinness of the iPhone XS protective film of 0.2mm, almost any iPhone XS case fits manufacturer-specific. Because it’s your lifestyle, your case and your screen protector!

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GLAZ Screen Protector 2.0 4D Real Glass available for

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