iPhone X bulletproof glass in comparison

KriteriumScreen protector hybridScreen protector 2.0 4D



Appearancealmost invisibleinvisible
MaterialReal Glass and composite material100% Real Glass
Durabilityalmost indestructiblevery high
Edges4D Flex with 100% display covering4D with 100% display covering
Grease repellent2x Coating2x Coating
Case-Compatibilityalmost unlimitedlimited

Our screen protector hybrid live in action

Watch our video for the new iPhone X bulletproof glass on our YouTube channel. You will also find our video for the iPhone X Screen Protector 2.0 4D Clear Notch, our iPhone X Screen Protector made of 100% bulletproof glass and unique, borderless 4D design.

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Ultra slim iPhone X bulletproof glass design

The perfecting of the iPhone X bulletproof glass goes on and so we have also improved thickness again. Because the glass layer thickness is fascinating 0.2mm and thus ensures an improved screen protection feeling.

iPhone X Displayschutz

4D technology with flex edge

The now unique 4D technology ensures maximum edge protection and has been perfected with the iPhone X Screen Protector Hybrid. Because the new flex edge is almost indestructible. In addition, you can feel the difference in ease of use with the iPhone X protective film by GLAZ day after day without disturbing edges.

Experience the almost indestructible iPhone X protective film.

iPhone X Panzerglas

Almost indestructible – the iPhone X Hybrid screen protector

Our latest display protection innovation relies on the use of composite materials in the iPhone X bulletproof glass. That’s why the combination of different materials makes our iPhone X Screen Protector Hybrid almost indestructible, without sacrificing the experience and sleek iPhone X design.

iPhone X Schutzfolie

Double anti-fingerprint coating on the iPhone X protective film

Just like you, we at GLAZ do not want to limit the OLED experience of the iPhone X and always offer you a clear view of your experiences. For this reason, a double anti-fingerprint coating is used in the iPhone X Screen Protector Hybrid. Accordingly, the double layer facilitates cleaning of the display and visibly reduces fingerprints.

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iPhone X Displayschutz Hybrid

Easy installation with the iPhone X applicator

No more annoying installations with the iPhone X protective film from GLAZ. Because with our GLAZ applicator you bring your hybrid screen protector to 100% perfect on your Apple smartphone. Due to a special coating, the iPhone X bullet-proof glass pulls on the display within seconds.

iPhone XS Panzerglas

100% dust-free – never again restrictions

Due to the unique 4D design and our special coating on the iPhone X bulletproof glass, both the display and the notch, the sensor area, remain 100% free of dust.

Pure Innovation – Buy the iPhone X Screen Protector Hybrid.

iPhone X Displayschutz

Really smart – Hard as a sapphire saves money

If you save on the screen protector, you will save at the wrong end. Because the repair of the iPhone display is not exactly cheap with 321,10 €. Thus, you should optimally protect your smartphone display and best with a GLAZ screen protector. Finally, the iPhone X Screen Protector Hybrid with a hardness of 9H offers perfect protection against scratches and other damage, even in the margins.

iPhone X Panzerglas

Get the most case compatibility for your iPhone X case

So that you can continue to use your iPhone X case, GLAZ offers even more case compatibility with the new screen protector hybrid. Due to the impressive thinness of the iPhone X bulletproof glass, the hybrid protection is compatible with almost every iPhone X case. Your lifestyle, your case, your screen protector!

Feel the difference with the iPhone X Hybrid Screen Protector.

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