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With its compact design, brilliant technology and ideal features, the iPhone SE makes the perfect companion. Thanks to these qualities, many iPhone fans find it a welcome alternative to its bigger brothers in the 6 series. Its superb design, crafted from bead-blasted aluminium, makes it an unrivalled lifestyle product. This motivated us to develop a screen protector providing the iPhone SE with perfect protection without holding back the technology – the perfect finish for its sophisticated, sleek design.

The elaborate process of manufacturing genuine glass makes GLAZ the perfect partner for your iPhone SE, as it is three times tougher than conventional protection films. Exceptional colour brilliance in HD quality and high touch-sensitivity make our GLAZ screen protector one of the most powerful screen protectors on the market which complements the iPhone’s sophisticated features.

The screen protector made for your iPhone SE

Additional features

  1. As hard as sapphire
  2. Immaculate design
  3. Exact positioning with the applicator
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Reduced finger marks

Technical Details

  1. For iPhone SE
  2. Thin, 0.33mm strong genuine glass
  3. 96 % light translucency
  4. Colour brilliance in HD quality
  5. Good surface bonding

Our credo – start where others stopped

iPhone screenprotector fits easy thanks to GLAZ applicator

We have also been repeatedly surprised by the shortcomings of conventional protection films, because just their application often turns into a real challenge, peaking in the virtually obligatory – and very frustrating – appearance of blisters over the next few days. To avoid this, we aimed for a simple solution and the development of an applicator which allows you to mount the screen protector in a heartbeat avoiding the formation of blisters, if used correctly. Our motto is “beautiful and smart with a brilliant appearance”. This makes our screen protector something like an all-rounder: its technical features and easy handling are as compelling as the iPhone SE itself.
Click here to have a look at the applicator-based mounting instructions
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GLAZ screen protector for iPhone SE – the YouTuber iReview hardness test

With the development of the GLAZ screen protector we wanted to overcome the hurdles responsible for the failure of many conventional protection films … by designing a screen protector for the iPhone SE what would match its qualities. YouTuber iReview shows how easy it is to install the screen protector with the applicator and he tested GLAZ on a tarred road. The video shows you the result. Enjoy!

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