iPhone screen repair – GLAZ screen protector is a guard against any crash

The iPhone is close to our hearts. There is no other device with whom we form such a close relationship. In the morning we get up with our iPhone, and we often give it a little nudge before we fall asleep. That’s reason enough to protect our constant companion from a damaged display, because repairing iPhone displays is not only time consuming, it also means that we have to dig deep into our wallet. Even with AppleCare, repairing the display costs you € 149.00.

Consequently, it was important for us to develop a screen protector which makes repairing of the iPhone display unnecessary. Because the first accident leads to anger, which turns to disappointment.

The GLAZ screen protector forms a perfect unit with your iPhone. With a hardness of 9, it is three times stronger than conventional screen protection films. The translucency is 96.3 %. GLAZ may only remove one worry from your life, but it does it life-long for your iPhone. Protect what you love and live a life without display repairs, day after day.

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