GLAZ Diamond – The invisible innovation ensuring flawless brilliance

The iPhone 7 Jet Black sets new standards. If you believe that there is no room for improvement, then you don’t believe in the iPhone 7 Jet Black with its compelling, uncompromising elegance. Welcome to the dark side – with every touch the iPhone 7 Jet Black gives you the ultimate lifestyle kick. This elitist, visionary device embodies innovation and quickens the heart.

Yet even the most perfect design loses its visionary power if it’s not protected well enough. Reason enough for us to custom-design GLAZ Diamond for the iPhone 7 Jet Black. An invisible bodyguard which ensures ultimate protection of the iPhone 7’s fascinating brilliance and ensures its high-gloss finish remains immaculate as long as possible. We treasure excellence and wish you many magical moments with the dark side of your iPhone 7.

The invisible protective case for your iPhone 7 Jet Black

Additional Features

  1. Covers the back 100 %
  2. Harder surface
  3. Finger mark repellent
  4. Preserves the value of the iPhone

Technical Details

  1. Only for iPhone 7/7+ JetBlack
  2. Not scratch-resistan
  3. Not unbreakable
  4. Fully hardened after 36 hrs

GLAZ Diamond enhances your iPhone in a unique way

GLAZ Diamond – the iPhone’s ultimate companion

Applying GLAZ Diamond is as simple as it gets.  Simply spread it with the pad over the entire back of your device and leave it for 5 minutes.  Then remove the opaque film with a microfibre cloth and wait for 10 minutes. Repeat this process twice.  The product will have hardened completely after 24 to 36 hours. Once the maximum hardness has been reached, this protective shield will guard your iPhone in any situation for an entire year.
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GLAZ Diamond – the invisible case for your iPhone 7 tested by YouTube magician Alexander Straub

The iPhone 7 Jet Black is the new highlight among the new iPhones for many Apple fans. With its deep black gloss finish, it provides a uniform and elegant appearance. The magician Alexander Straub has tested the GLAZ Diamond and provided an emotional video about it.

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