GLAZ Titan – the invisible protective case for your iPhone

For the iPhone 5/5s/5SE, 6/6+, 6s/6s+, 7/7+ (except JetBlack)

The iPhone 7 presents itself in an elegant, sophisticated aluminium frame and its characteristic colours: silver, gold, rose gold and opaque black. The simply perfect design of each model is compelling and stands out for proving that even the best can still be improved on. The device is a portrayal of lifestyle at its best, with a fascinating design that manifests its uniqueness down to the most minute detail.

This is why we have repeatedly asked ourselves why the beauty and elegance of the iPhones should hide behind a protective case. This question motivated us to take up the challenge and develop a protective case which forms a perfect symbiosis with the iPhone’s design. This is how we came up with GLAZ Titan – an invisible case which offers your iPhone perfect protection. GLAZ Titan epitomises lifestyle, because it protects the perfect design of your iPhone in an uncompromising manner and guards its uniqueness without even remotely mitigating it.

An invisible – and uncompromisingly excellent – protection case for your iPhone

Additional Features

  1. Covers the back 100 %
  2. As hard as sapphire (9H)
  3. Finger mark repellent/acid resistant
  4. Preserves the value of the iPhone

Technical Details

  1. Only for all iPhones expect the Jet Black model
  2. Prevents scratches
  3. Not unbreakable
  4. Fully hardened after 36 hrs

GLAZ Titan enhances your iPhone without altering it

GLAZ Titan – improves even the best qualities of your iPhone

Applying GLAZ Titan is as simple as it gets.  Simply spread it with the pad over the entire back of your device and leave it for 5 minutes. Then remove the opaque film with a microfibre cloth and wait for 10 minutes. Repeat this process twice. The product will have hardened completely after 24 to 36 hours. Once the maximum hardness has been reached, this protective shield will guard your iPhone in any situation for an entire year. This coating was developed for the back of the iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/6+/6s+/7/7+ (gold, silver, rose gold and black). It should under no circumstances be used in combination with the jet black finish.
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GLAZ Titan – the invisible case for your iPhone 7 tested by YouTube magician Alexander Straub

With the continuous unibody design the iPhone 7 sets new standards and is presented in a luxurious style. The colors silver, gold, rose gold and black give the iPhone 7 the extravagant touch it deserves and create a perfect unity. That is why we have developed GLAZ Titan to preserve the elegance and beauty of the iPhone. The magician Alexander Straub has tested the GLAZ Diamond, which may only be used on the iPhone 7/7+ JetBlack Diamond. Let’s get impressed by the emotional video of Alexander Straub.

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