GLAZ screen protector 2.0 4D – our best protection

The Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus or even iPhone 6S/6S Plus are far from being outdated products. The timeless elegant design from Jony Ive is continuing with the actual iPhone X generation. So, the iPhone 6 was the forerunner of many following iPhone generations. Because it wasn’t just the design, which was responsible for that, it was also the technology. By means of the actual iOS software, Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S is still a good Smartphone with enough performance. The technology of this generation is still in actual iPhones – for example the lightning connector, Retina screen or Touch ID. GLAZ protects your screen with the tempered glass iPhone 6S in a safe way against scratches and other damages to benefit from the elegance and productivity of your iPhone over a long period. In combination with an iPhone 6 case it is really an unbeatable combination.

Extended features

  1. Hardness grade of 9H
  2. Height: 0,33 mm (glass layer)
  3. Design: 4D border protection
  4. Transparency of 99%
  5. Home Button: Touch ID Button
  6. Screen adhesion: very strong

Extended features

  1. Cleaning: Anti-Fingerprint-Coating
  2. Durability: depending on use rate
  3. Case combability: manufacturer-specific
  4. Installation: application affixing assistance
  5. Reutilization: possible for several times
  6. Not compatible under water

GLAZ screen protector 2.0 4D – Feel the difference

iPhone screenprotector 2.0 with touch id button

Tempered glass iPhone 6s – Design redefined

The new design of Apple iPhone 6 made also high demand on a screen protector. Consequently, GLAZ developed a unique tempered glass iPhone 6S with a new design. The tempered glass foil conforms itself better to the slim design of the iPhone by means of the thickness of just 0,33 mm (glass layer). Due to the impressive thinness of the tempered glass foil, there are no function restrictions.

Unique design – Convincingly good

While many users are still counting on a 2D screen protector foil, GLAZ developed the new innovation of screen protector 2.0. The rounded design in border area is responsible for more comfort and has a better protection against scratches and damages. Furthermore, you protect the Home Button against damages by means of the enclosed Touch ID Button. The Touch ID Button balances the differences in height and doesn’t restrict the Touch ID functions. Simply brilliant.

Our best tempered glass or nothing

iPhone screenprotector 2.0 with rounded rim

Have always an overview – Anti-Fingerprint-Coating

With the tempered glass iPhone 6S, you improve the view on your screen. Due to the Anti-Fingerprint-Coating on the protective foil iPhone 6, fingerprints are a thing of the past now. The protective foil is also responsible for the Easy-Clean-Effect. This effect leads to an easier cleaning of your iPhone screen.

GLAZ screen protector – Support in all situations

GLAZ offers you support in every situation. Because at GLAZ you don’t just buy any display protection. This already starts with the installation instruction for the product. A device-specific, pictured installation guide as well as an installation video in German and English is available to you. Furthermore, the iPhone 6 tempered glass foil includes a specially developed applicator for an easy installation. Furthermore, the friendly German support is available by to you mail, phone and via our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Your style, your mobile phone case iPhone 6

We also wanted you to continue living your style with your mobile phone case iPhone 6. Because due to the new design of screen protector 2.0, even more cases and covers are compatible with the GLAZ display protective foil now. For example, the original Apple cases.

GLAZ screen protector 2.0 4D – The tempered glass thought one step ahead

iPhone screenprotector 2.0 with touch id button and the finger print scanner works as before.

The smart tempered glass iPhone 6S – save time and money

Due to the smart tempered glass iPhone 6S from GLAZ, you can’t just save money, you can save time and a lot of stress as well, because in case of a crash, the tempered glass foil protects the screen against damages and this protect you against a time-consuming and an expensive screen repair as well. Furthermore, you increase the resale value due to a scratch-free screen.

Easy fitting thanks to GLAZ applicator

iPhone screenprotector fits easy thanks to GLAZ applicator

All too often applying conventional screen protector films causes blisters and getting them in exactly the right position demands challenging precision. This is why we have developed an applicator which allows you to mount the screen protector in a heartbeat. GLAZ fans appreciate this and can even tailor their iPhone by applying different screen protector colours.

To read the instructions for the applicator, please click on this link

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GLAZ Screen Protector 2.0 4D tested by the YouTube star FelixBa

The GLAZ armored glass iPhone 6s is more than just a screen protector. The armored glass film from GLAZ underscores the elegant and timeless design of the iPhone 6. In addition, the YouTuber FelixBa shows how easy it is to change the display color of your iPhone with the bulletproof glass iPhone 6s and determine your own lifestyle.

Buy screen protector 2.0 iPhone for 6/6s and 6+/6s+ now

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