Instruction GLAZ Liquid

Installation instructions and tips regarding:

iPhone 6 / 6s
iPhone 6+ / 6s+
Apple Watch 38 und 42 mm
iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro
iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s

The following installation instructions explain how to apply GLAZ Liquid to an iPhone 6 / 6s, iPhone 6 +/ 6s + or an Apple Watch. To ensure a clean, optimal application, we recommend a smooth table surface and sufficient room and light. To ensure optimal exposure time, the product should be applied in the evening. Should you have any additional questions about the product please either consult our FAQ or get in touch with us through the contact form!

1st step

Please only clean your device with the enclosed pad with Isopropyl alcohol.

2nd step

Dry your device with a normal cloth (e.g. a microfibre cloth).

3rd step

Check again, if your device is clean and free from dust.

4th step

Please apply the pad which is impregnated with liquid glass uniformly and slowly. You will either see a light film on the display or numerous small liquid pearls (step 5)

5th and 6th step

If the liquid forms small pearls on your display, keep rubbing the liquid until the beading effect has disappeared and you see no more liquid on the display. At this point it is important that you apply the liquid everywhere on the entire screen. Please refer to the image.

7th step

Leave the liquid glass to dry for a minute. Set your alarm to do so. A light cloudy coating may or may not form.

8th step

Then polish the surface with the enclosed microfibre cloth until it shines.

9th step

Check to make sure that no visible residues are left.

10th step

While the device could be used after 60 seconds (once the solution is dry), we do not recommend it, as the layer has only hardened a little. The device should not be used for 24 hours for the surface to harden completely. An earlier use often leads to minute scratches.

11th step

After 24-36 hours of resting time, the surface reaches a hardness of 9H. This is why it is better to apply the product in the evening. This way, GLAZ Liquid can harden for 24-36 hours. This means the products should harden for a maximum of 36 hours. Before this time has elapsed, try using the mobile phone / Apple Watch as little as possible, as GLAZ Liquid will not have hardened completely.

12th step

Please thoroughly wash your hands after applying the product.

Other interesting answers:

When should I renew the GLAZ Liquid screen protector on my Apple Watch, iPhone 6 / 6s, or iPhone 6+ / 6s+?

After one year, GLAZ Liquid no longer gives full protection and has to be renewed. (Note from the GLAZ team: It may be useful to put a note in your calendar)

Does the GLAZ Liquid protector reduce the ForceTouch / 3D Touch functions of my iPhones 6s or my Apple Watch?

No—you will still have full use of this function.

Can I remove GLAZ Liquid from my Apple Watch or iPhone 6 / 6s or iPhone 6+ / 6s+ without any residue?

No, it covers your display like a second skin and cannot be removed.

What happens if the product comes in contact with the metal case while it is being applied?

Nothing will happen to your metal case. You can simply rub this off with the microfiber cloth included in the packet.

What happens if GLAZ Liquid comes in contact with the strap while it is being applied?

You should avoid any contact between the strap and GLAZ Liquid for your Apple Watch as this may damage the material.

How tough/resistant is the GLAZ Liquid screen protector on my Apple Watch, iPhone 6 / 6s, iPhone 6+ / 6s+?

Just as you are used to with GLAZ products, this protector too is as hard as sapphire and will reach a hardness of 9H after a drying period of between 24 and 36 hours (which means the product should be left a maximum of 36 hours without being used).

May I use any cleaning agent before applying GLAZ Liquid?

Before applying GLAZ Liquid to the screen, please clean your Apple Watch, iPhone 6 / 6s or iPhone 6+ / 6s+ using the enclosed cleaning cloth with Isopropyl alcohol, which has been especially developed for our product.

Is there anything I should take into account once I have fixed GLAZ Liquid on the device?

Once you have generously spread the liquefied glass on the display of your Apple Watch, iPhone 6 / 6s or iPhone 6+ / 6s+, leave it to dry for a minute. Polish the surface with the enclosed microfiber cloth until it shines. Then check that there is no more residue. The product will protect the screen of your iPhone from everyday wear after a resting time of 24-36 hours which means that it should have hardened after a maximum of 36 hours without being used.

When can I be sure that GLAZ Liquid has hardened completely?

After 24-36 hours, which means that the product should dry a maximum of 36 hours without being used.

What should I pay particular attention to when applying GLAZ Liquid?

That you spread it with the pad in circular movements over the entire display, ensuring that all liquid (cloudy coating or formation of pearls) is equally distributed.

After applying GLAZ Liquid, how long will I have to polish the screen with the microfiber cloth?

Until the display is shiny and free from any residue.

Do you have any additional questions? Then please consult our FAQ´s or get in touch with us through our contact form!