GLAZ Liquid 2.0 – The innovative, liquid tempered glass for your Google Pixel 2/2XL

The new Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL can do more, just like the tempered glass from GLAZ. An impressive 5 or rather 6 inches OLED screen leads to high-contrast pictures and lively natural colors. The Pixel Smartphone is actually the best Android Smartphone on market and offers a lot: A very good camera performance, a lot of performance and an innovative technology. Furthermore, Google Pixel 2 supports the most actual Android version to get the highest performance. GLAZ offers you with the new liquid Pixel 2 tempered glass Liquid 2.0 the perfect screen protector solution and the extra of screen protector. Feel the difference with the liquid Pixel 2 protective foil from GLAZ!

Extended features

  1. Screen covering of 100%
  2. 9+H – harder than a sapphire
  3. Durability of 5 years
  4. Easy-Clean-Effect
  5. 3-Layer-Process

Extended features

  1. For the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL
  2. A transparency of 100%
  3. Color brilliance in HD quality
  4. Complete hardening after 7 – 10 days
  5. Unrestricted use during the drying phase

Ultra slim design – Nothing but 4,5 micrometers Pixel 2 tempered glass

Our liquid Pixel 2 tempered glass is more than just a screen protector, it is an innovation in this field. Three layers of real liquid glass will be on the screen in a unique 3-Layer-Process. The layer thickness is only incredible 1.5 micrometers per layer. The Liquid 2.0 is a screen protector, which you don’t see but rather feel it.

Feel the innovative difference – Pixel 2 tempered glass from GLAZ

Perfect display covering – 100% transparent protection

The liquid Pixel 2 screen protector offers you an optimal protection over the whole screen surface. Due to the liquid form of Pixel 2 XL tempered glass, even the sensitive screen borders are optimally protected. The Liquid 2.0 is 100% invisible and annoying edges, as with a conventional Pixel 2 protective foil are a thing of the past.

Hard, harder, GLAZ – the strong liquid glass

An incredible hardness grade of 9+H will be reached by the 3-Layer-Process and the special tempered glass. The liquid Pixel 2 tempered glass has a drying phase of up to 10 days, but your Google Pixel 2/2 XL is ready for use immediately after installation. In summary, Liquid 2.0 offers you an invisible, strong protection against scratches and other damages.

The extra of screen protector – Pixel 2 protective foil

No more trouble with dust and air bubbles

Thanks to the innovative tempered glass design, you never have to worry about air bubbles or dust again. Because after the installation, you get a full color brilliance and obtain the elegant design of your Smartphone without the ugly bubbles or dust inclusions, which can blur the image. Furthermore, the real glass tempered glass on your Smartphone screen is waterproof and can thus also be used without hesitation for underwater activities.

Lasts longer than any pixel 2 protective foil – GLAZ Liquid 2.0

Our Liquid 2.0 liquid screen protector lasts longer than any conventional pixel 2 protective foil and thus offers an extra of screen protector. With its impressive durability of up to 5 years, you cannot just save money, but also the working-time with the installation etc…

Simply innovative, simply perfect – GLAZ screen protector

Feel the freedom – 100% case compatible

With the innovative Google Pixel 2 liquid glass screen protector you are free in your case choice and can live and show your own lifestyle. Due to the low layer thickness of the tempered glass of only 4.5 micrometers, each Pixel 2 case, covers or even your individually designed cover matches.

Premium screen protector – Premium support

When you choose a screen protector from GLAZ, you’re not just buying just any protective foil. For the liquid Pixel 2 XL temeprred glass, GLAZ has developed a special pictured installation guide as well as an installation video in German and English. Furthermore, our friendly, German team supports you in using our products and is of course available to answer your questions by mail, phone and via our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

GLAZ Liquid 2.0 tested by the Youtube Star TechFloyd

GLAZ Liquid 2.0 is the innovative Google Pixel 2 bulletproof glass. In short, a liquid glass that reflects the lifestyle, freedom and perfection of Pixel 2. The Youtube Star TechFloyd has already installed and tested our liquid Pixel 2 screen protector.

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