GLAZ screen protector – Our best iPad mini protective foil

The iPad mini is the starter tablet from Apple with a format of 7.9 inches. The Apple iPad mini has been continually developed and has advanced in performance as well since the staring in 2012. In contrast to constant improvements of performance and software, the design of iPad mini remained the same over 4 generations. Accordingly, just the thickness and size of iPad mini was minimally adapted. Due to the compact construction and the comparatively low weight of iPad mini compared with iPad, the tablet is still demanded and popular. As a result, the iPad mini is also used on the way and for business. This is why it should be protected against scratches and other damages in the best way. Beside an iPad mini case, you should purchase another product as well. GLAZ has the solution – our best iPad mini protective foil.

Extended features

  1. Hardness grade of 9H
  2. Height: 0,33 mm (glass layer)
  3. Design: 2D border protection
  4. Transparency: 96%
  5. Screen adhesion: Very strong

Extended features

  1. Cleaning: Anti-Fingerprint-Coating
  2. Durability: Depending on use rate
  3. Case combability: 100%
  4. Installation: simple, uncomplicated
  5. Compatible with iPad mini 1/2/3

GLAZ screen protector – The best or nothing

Maximum protection – maximum use with iPad mini protective foil

The Apple iPad mini is often strongly demanded in daily life by means of its flexibility. As a result, the maximum use applies high standards to a screen protector. You have a new iPad mini and you want the maximum protection? So, GLAZ offers you the optimal screen protector solution with its tempered glass foil. The iPad mini protective foil protects your screen with an impressive hardness of 9H.

Slim screen protector design – perfect symbiosis

As the Apple iPad mini has just a thinness of 7 mm, it needs a screen protector, which protects it in a really good way. The iPad mini protective foil is very slim with a thickness of 0,33 mm and harmonizes perfectly with the slim design of the iPad mini. Due to the use of just 0,33 mm of tempered foil, there are also no restrictions with the iPad functions.

Maximum protection – maximum adventure

More perspective – integrated Anti-Fingerprint-Coating

Everybody is disturbed by annoying fingerprints on the screen because they impair the view on the screen content or it makes it even impossible. With the iPad mini tempered glass, you get always the perspective, because by means of the integrated Anti-Fingerprint-Coating, fingerprints are reduced and the Easy-Clean-Effect leads to a simple cleaning of the screen surface.

Text, images and videos – The suitable GLAZ guideline

If you decide for a tempered glass from GLAZ, you don’t buy just a usual screen protector. GLAZ offers you a pictured installation guideline as well as an installation video in German and English for an easy montage of the iPad mini protective foil. Furthermore, our friendly German supporting team is always available for you – whether per mail, telephone or by means of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

GLAZ screen protector – Feel the difference

iPad 2018 Displayschutz

Be smart, be better – GLAZ screen protector saves you money and time

The most important function of a screen protection is the protection of the expensive Apple iPad mini screen. With a hardness of 9H and an intelligent protective foil design, crashes can be absorbed, so that the iPad mini protective foil is actually damaged, but the screen shines with its old elegance further on. Furthermore, you save expensive screen protection repair costs by means of the right screen protector and you increase the resale value due to a perfect screen.

Your protection, your style – The iPad mini case

The perfect screen protector for your iPad should not restrict your own style. Due to the slim iPad mini protective foil, many iPad mini cases are suitable. Whether fancy and remarkable, whether elegant and simple – your iPad mini case is compatible.

Our best iPad mini armored film tested by the YouTuber i Review

The GLAZ screen protector for your iPad mini gives you the protection you need for your tablet. Whether at home or on the road, with the iPad mini protective film you underline the elegant design of your iPad and at the same time do not give up maximum protection against scratches and damage. For example, in the Hardcore Test video from the Star YouTube i Review, this shows just how much protection iPad mini bulletproof glass offers.

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