GLAZ Liquid 2.0 for your iPhone 6/6s – uncompromising lifestyle

The iPhone 6 is one of the slimmest smartphones currently on the market. The purity of its design and its outstanding workmanship are simply compelling. The rounded edges of the aluminium housing seem to be one with the screen glass, creating the iPhone 6’s perfect shape.

This is why we developed a screen protector which makes no compromises in design and functionality. GLAZ Liquid 2.0 is pure lifestyle. Liquid glass crystals give your iPhone 6 all-round protection without restricting its brilliant features, such as Force Touch. As your screen is totally covered, your iPhone 6 gets the protection it deserves. GLAZ fans have come to value this, as GLAZ Liquid 2.0 is a visionary alternative to conventional protective films. A liquid glass which gives your iPhone 6 complete, invisible protection.

Visionary liquid glass

Additional Features

  1. Covers the display 100 %
  2. 9+H – Harder than sapphire
  3. 5 years durability
  4. Easy Clean Effect (Anti-Finger-Print)
  5. 3-layer-procedure

Technical Details

  1. For iPhone 6/6s, 6+/6s+
  2. 100 % light translucency
  3. Colour brilliance in HD quality
  4. Fully hardened after 7-10 days
  5. Unlimited use
    during the drying phase

GLAZ Liquid 2.0 – a liquid glass which protects all around

GLAZ Liquid 2.0 – as easy to handle as the iPhone 6/6s itself

GLAZ Liquid 2.0 can also help in case of nano/micro scratches. They are filled in when the liquid glass is applied, thus restoring the iPhone 6s’ immaculate design. A screen protector harder than sapphire, for an period of 5 years. We recommend that you reapply GLAZ Liquid 2.0 after 5 years to reestablish perfect protection. GLAZ Liquid 2.0 is all-round protection. A bodyguard which delivers on his promises.
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GLAZ Liquid tested by Youtube Star TechFloyd

GLAZ Liquid fascinates Apple fans. It is a liquid glass of the highest quality; a bodyguard which is hard to match. Youtube star MrHelferSyndrom conducts the hardness test and surprises over 200,000 Apple fans.

Buy GLAZ Liquid 2.0 for iPhone 6/6s or iPhone 6+/6s+ now

GLAZ Liquid 2.0 is also available for

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