GLAZ Case iPhone 6 – the perfect protection case for your iPhone

The GLAZ Case fits your iPhone like a glove and is the ideal addition to the GLAZ screen protector. Both components form a perfect match and provide your iPhone an unmatched all-round protection.

It maintains the style factor and gives your iPhone a distinctive blend of elegance and functionality.

Our development team has covered all the angles to create an imitation leather protection case which houses your iPhone comfortably. The soft inner lining embraces the surface and provides your iPhone with the protection it deserves. The high-quality outer coating gives this high-end device a luxurious, safe and individual twist. The protection case perfectly accommodates the iPhone’s volume and standby buttons and ensures high touch functionality.

GLAZ cases are available in 8 different colours which perfectly match your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 6 Plus. The protective cases are so precisely manufactured that they keep your iPhone well in hand. A bodyguard to protect it from scratches, dents and bumps without impeding any of its highly sensitive functionality. A perfect protection which meets all requirements; a protection you will enjoy seeing and feeling.

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