GLAZ Liquid 2.0 – Our liquid screen protector test

What you have to look out for when buying a liquid tempered glass S8 and S9?

It is sure that you already think about the purchase of best screen protection before the purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy just like me. Because specially with a futuristic Smartphone as Samsung S8 and S9, you want to protect the screen in the best way. Furthermore, the price of a screen repair is very high. But how I can know, which is the best tempered glass S8, especially for me and my demands? Our liquid screen protector test should show you the alternatives to the conventional screen protector foils.

A corresponding number of screen protective foil models are actually on market – from the cheapest screen protective foil by plastic to the expensive tempered glass S8, which is made by real glass in 4D design – everything is available. Furthermore, you obviously compare the reviews on Amazon or other shopping portals and search in critiques to answer your questions. However, you find the name Liquid 2.0 someday – our liquid screen protector. We show you in the liquid screen protector test, why the liquid screen protector is an innovative Samsung S8 tempered glass/Samsung S9 tempered glass and why they offer a very good protection.

Prejudices are a thing of the past now – Our GLAZ Liquid 2.0 is no Nano coating

Before starting with our liquid screen protector test, we want to show you the important differences between Nano coating and the GLAZ Liquid 2.0. Because with our liquid tempered glass S9, we are not talking about Nano coating, as with other competitive products – rather we are talking about real glass. Consequently, Nano coating is just a form of sealing, which has actually no advantages or added value concerning the protection against scratches or other damages, but rather it leads to a smoother surface and an accompanying cleaning effect. In contrast to this, the GLAZ Liquid 2.0 offers, due to the use of real glass, a real screen protection. In order that you will see the differences in a better way, we are going to explain it in greater detail in our customers test.


A lot of advertising about nothing – Attention concerning a screen protector purchase

Especially on Amazon, eBay, Google etc., there are many offers about the topic liquid screen protector. As with the usual screen protector, you will find cheap kit up to 10 euro, but you will also find more expensive premium kits to 40 euro. Now everybody is probably asking, where the difference is. Furthermore, there are almost absurd advertising promises concerning the liquid screen protectors on the internet, in which they are talking about a hardness grade, which has a 500% harder element than glass. You’ll find also promises such as resistant against scratches and fractures as well.

Although it is already clear, that this is not possible, some people are dazzled by this advertising slogan. However, there will be a mega disaster, if you notice that the Samsung S8 or Samsung S9 will has its first scratches already after one day only in daily life. So, the great Samsung screen begins quickly to look unaesthetic and it seems to be significantly less valuable. Especially such products with Nano coating let fall the confidence in the liquid screen protection. However, you shouldn’t apply one standard to all, because our liquid screen protector test showed that the real glass Liquid 2.0 is capable to provide more. Furthermore, we have an open mind while talking with our customers and we are not advertising with absurd advertising slogans. This is also esteemed by our major customers. Because there is no tempered glass S8 or tempered glass S9, which is totally resistant against scratches and fractures. Here it depends on the resistance against scratches and fractures.

Our best tempered glass S9 - Liquid 2.0

Panzerglas S8

Extended features

  1. 100% screen covering
  2. Hardness grade of 9+H
  3. 3-Layer-Process
  4. Height of 4,5 micrometer
  5. Durability of 5 years

Technical details

  1. Anti-Fingerprint-Coating
  2. Easy-Clean-Effect
  3. Transparency of 100%
  4. A case compatibility of 100%
  5. Water-resistant and water-compatible

Liquid screen protector test – Ultra slim design is demanded

In contrast to a conventional S8 protective foil or S9 tempered foil, a liquid screen protector has one big advantage – it is ultra slim. Many products from the Nano coating area, which are called liquid screen protector, haven’t even a thickness of one micrometer. Consequently, every Samsung S8 case or Samsung S9 case is suitable, but the screen remains unprotected.

In contrast to the Nano coating, our liquid screen protector GLAZ Liquid 2.0 has 4,5 micrometer of thickness and offers thus a solid protection layer. Because 1,5 micrometer real tempered glass is affixed on the Samsung screen. Due to the liquid form of the tempered glass S9, the Edge-to-Edge screen can be covered for 100%, without the case that any foil lifts off the curvature again. Thereby, the sensitive borders of the OLED screen are more resistant against scratches and crash damages.

Furthermore, the Liquid 2.0 has a transparence of 100%. In contrast to usual protective foils there are no annoying borders and due to the use of tempered glass a 100% transparency is given with a complete color brilliance. In accordance to the Samsung slogan for the S8: Do what you can’t.

Provided that the product is probably made by real glass as with GLAZ Liquid 2.0, this can be a great alternative for conventional screen protective foils. #Dowhatyoucant, trust in GLAZ and the liquid tempered glass S8 and S9.

Be smart, be better – with the liquid GLAZ tempered glass

Especially with a screen protector, which protects almost the screen against scratches and other damages, an appropriate hardness grade is essential. Although the advertising promises, as described above, are not true, the products are selling very well due to the low price. But do you really buy a good Samsung screen protector? We say definitely no, because with such products you would make a false economy.

Our liquid screen protector test shows serious disadvantages with screen protector foil of plastic and with products, which cover just one part of the screen. Due to the use of plastic, there were scratches on the screen protector and even on the screen after shortest time. Furthermore, the screen protector foil of plastic offers no protection during a crash – this is a real criterion for exclusion. Further models – made by glass – which cover just a part of the screen, didn’t get better results in the tests, because the sensitive borders of Samsung screen remained unprotected. Moreover, many tempered glass S8 and tempered glass S9 models removed themselves in the border area due to the curvatures, whereby a protection was no longer given.

Our liquid screen protector, based on real tempered glass, reaches a hardness grade of 9+H within 10 days by a 3-Layer-Process. With a tempered glass S8, you make your screen very resistant against scratches and other damages.

The following Smartphone models are compatible with GLAZ Liquid 2.0:

  1. Samsung S9 / S9 Plus
  2. Samsung S8 / S8 Plus
  3. Apple iPhone X
  4. Apple iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

The following Smartphone models are compatible with GLAZ Liquid 2.0:

  1. iPad 2018 and iPad 2017
  2. iPad mini 1/2/3/4
  3. Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro
  4. Apple iPhone SE 2 (to be continued)

Experience the fascination GLAZ – our best liquid screen protector

Exactly as with a Nano coating, with GLAZ Liquid 2.0 you have an Anti-Fingerprint-Coating as well. Due to this coating, the number of fingerprints on the screen becomes less. The Easy-Clean-Effect is also responsible for an easier cleaning of the Samsung screen. GLAZ even go one step further with the Liquid 2.0: Due to the conditions, the screen has a more antibacterial effect that the normal screen without a liquid tempered glass S9. Because due to the smooth surface, the bacteria aren’t able to attach themselves on the screen.

In contrast to the conventional Samsung S8 protective foil, you won’t have troubles with dust or air bubbles with the liquid screen protector during the installation. Because on the basis of the liquid form, air bubbles are a thing of the past now. Furthermore, the shedding between Liquid 2.0 and the screen will be prevented.

However, many screen protector products include just a measly installation guide, which isn’t even translated in German. In contrast to GLAZ, which has a simple pictured step by step installation guide as well as an installation video in English and German for the liquid iPhone X tempered glass. It is just a premium tempered glass, which offers a significantly higher comfort with the installation.

Furthermore, the support doesn’t end after a purchase. Our friendly German support team is still responsible for your questions and matters in an individual and personal way. You can contact our team per telephone, mail or by means of our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube during the week.

GLAZ Liquid 2.0 is more than just a liquid tempered glass, which shows our screen protector test as well. Experience yourself the free and breathtaking feeling with the liquid tempered glass S8 and tempered glass S9 from GLAZ as well.

Our liquid screen protector test with the Apple iPhone 6s from the YouTuber iKnowReview

Our liquid screen protector test with the GLAZ Liquid 2.0 shows what the liquid armored glass can withstand in a hardcore test. The creator iKnowReview protected half of the iPhone 6s with the GLAZ Liquid 2.0 and the other half did not. During the test, different materials and effort were used. It can be seen that the page without GLAZ Liquid 2.0 is much more susceptible to scratching than the protected side with the liquid screen protector. However, this is an extreme test that does not occur in everyday life. Our liquid screen protector test proves that the Liquid 2.0 is a very good protection against scratches and other damage.

Unlike comparable models, the GLAZ Liquid 2.0 has a shelf life of up to 5 years, normal here is one year. Due to the long durability, the effort and the costs are relativized over the years! Because suppose you buy a normal protective film. This will be replaced at the latest after one year, as it loosens on the edge or has scratches. That was the ideal case, because how often does the dust get under the screen during installation or air bubbles form. Quickly, the new screen protector is cleared from the device, thrown into the trash and bought a new S8 screen protector. Thus, you buy each year at least one new armored film for 10 € and also have the hassle and trouble during assembly.

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