Our best Apple Watch tempered glass – liquid screen protector test

Why you should trust GLAZ Liquid 2.0 with Apple Watch tempered glass..

Just as I am sure, you think about the best screen protector before you buy or at the latest when you receive an Apple Watch as well. Because especially with such a beautiful and expensive Smartwatch, you want to protect the Apple Watch screen in the best way. While the iPhone X or iPhone 8 is often protected in a case in the pocket, Apple Watch is usually unprotected on your wrist. Scratches come quickly into the screen and the trouble is big. In the case of a screen damage, a screen repair will be expensive and time-consuming. But how can I know what the best Apple Watch tempered glass is for me in daily life? Our liquid screen protector is the perfect alternative to the ugly and conventional screen protective foil.

According to the high demand, there are many screen protective foil models on the market. From the cheap Apple Watch protective plastic foil for a few euros to the expensive Apple Watch tempered glass, everything is available. Furthermore, you surely compare the different protective foils and tempered glass models as well and take a look at the reviews on Amazon and other shopping portals before a purchase. However, these ratings are often distorted by fake reviews or sponsored reviews. Someday, you will find the name GLAZ Liquid 2.0 with your searches – our liquid screen protector. Many screen protector test of Apple Watch have shown that the innovative Apple Watch tempered glass is not only a marketing gag, but also the perfect Apple Watch display protector.

GLAZ Liquid 2.0

Prejudices bye, bye – Our liquid screen protector is no Nano coating

Before starting with our liquid screen protector test, we want to show you the important differences between a Nano coating and the GLAZ Liquid 2.0. Because with our liquid Apple Watch protective foil, we are not talking about Nano coating, as with other products on Amazon etc. – rather it’s real glass. As a result, Nano coating is just a form of sealing, which has actually no advantages or added value concerning the production against scratches or other damages, but rather a Nano coating leads to a smoother surface, which leads to a better cleaning effect, the Easy-Clean-Effect. In contrast to this, the GLAZ Liquid 2.0 offers a real liquid tempered glass, a real screen protection. Because with the liquid Apple Watch tempered glass, you distribute the liquid glass crystals on the screen in three layers and build thus a screen protection. In order that you will see the differences in a better way, we are going to explain it in greater detail in our customer test.

Too many advertising promises – Attention with the screen protector purchase

Especially on Amazon, eBay, Google etc., there are many offers about the topic liquid screen protector. As with a normal, conventional screen protector, you will find cheap kits for the Apple Watch for few euros, but you will also find premium kits for around 30 euro. Now you will ask yourself following question: Where do the price difference come from? In order to make the whole muddle perfect, many screen protective manufacturers advertise with insane advertising promises. A liquid screen protector that should be 500% harder than glass or that is even completely resistant against scratches and fractures.

Although it is already clear, that there is no glass, which is completely resistant against scratches and fractures, some of us are dazzled by this advertising slogan. However, there will be the mega disaster, if you notice that the first scratches already come on Apple Watch screen in daily life after some days only. So, the beautiful Apple Watch screen begins quickly to look unaesthetic and the Smartwatch has a lower value. Especially for such products on Nano coating base let fall the confidence in liquid screen protector. However, you shouldn’t apply one standard of all liquid tempered glass products to all, because not just our liquid screen protector test showed that the real glass Liquid 2.0 can do more. Furthermore, we move up to you openly and honestly with our products and don’t attract you with any advertising promises. Our major customers also appreciate this transparency. Because no Apple Watch tempered glass is completely scratch and break-proof. In this case it depends on the resistance of scratches and fractures.

Extended features

  1. 100% screen covering
  2. Hardness of 9+H
  3. 3-Layer-Process
  4. Height of 4,5 micrometer
  5. Durability of 5 years

Technical details

  1. Anti-Fingerprint-Coating
  2. Easy-Clean-Effect
  3. Transparency of 100%
  4. Case compatibility for 100%
  5. Water-resistant and compatible

Liquid screen protector – Slim design in advantage

In contrast to a conventional Apple Watch protective foil, the liquid screen protector has one big advantage – because it is ultra slim. Even many products from the Nano coating are, which are called liquid screen protector, haven’t even a thickness of one micrometer. Consequently, every Apple Watch case is suitable, but the screen in itself remains unprotected.

In contrast to Nano coating, our liquid screen protector GLAZ Liquid 2.0 with 4.5 micrometers is slightly thicker, but thus offers a solid protective layer of real glass. This is because 1.5 micrometers of tempered glass per layer are applied to the Apple Watch screen. Due to the liquid form of the Apple Watch tempered glass, the screen can be 100% covered and protected. In contrast to normal screen protector, Liquid 2.0 does not peel off on the border, so that dirt gets under the screen protector. Especially the sensitive edges of the OLED screen are protected by the liquid Apple Watch protective film and made it more resistant to scratches and crash damages.

Furthermore, Liquid 2.0 is 100% invisible. Unlike normal protective films, there are no annoying borders and the use of tempered glass allows 100% transparency with full color brilliance.

Hard – harder – GLAZ Liquid 2.0

Particularly with a screen protector, which should protect the screen as good as possible against scratches and other damages, it depends on the corresponding hardness grade. Although the advertising promises as described above are not kept, the products sell very good due to the low price. But do you really buy a good Apple Watch display protector? We say definitely no, because with such products you will be cheated and won’t certainly save money at the end.

Our liquid screen protector test showed significant weaknesses in plastic screen protective foils and those that only covered one part of the display. Due to the use of plastic, scratches appeared on the screen protector and even on the screen itself after a very short time. Furthermore, the screen protective foil of plastic offers no protection in the case of a crash, a true criterion for exclusion. Other glass models that cover only one part of the screen. didn’t perform much better in the test, as the sensitive edges of the Apple Watch screen remained unprotected. In addition, many Apple Watch screen protector models became detached from the screen due to the curvature in the edge area, which has no more protection. In the first week’s hooey, then just phooey.

Our liquid screen protector reaches a hardness grade of 9+H within 10 days by means of a 3-Layer-Process. During this drying phase the Smartwatch is still sensitive to scratches and should therefore be protected but it can be used normally as well. Apple Watch tempered glass makes your screen incredibly resistant against scratches and other damages.

The following Smartphone devices are compatible with GLAZ Liquid 2.0:

  1. Apple iPhone X
  2. Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus
  3. Samsung S9/S9 Plus
  4. Samsung S8/S7 Plus

The following models are compatible with GLAZ Liquid 2.0

  1. iPad 2018/iPad 2017
  2. iPad Mini 1/2/3/4
  3. Huawei Mate 20/Mate 20 Pro
  4. Apple iPhone SE 2 (to be continued)

Fascination GLAZ – Our liquid screen protector is an adventure

Just like a Nano coating, you have an Anti-Fingerprint-Coating – in addition to the protection – with GLAZ Liquid 2.0. Due to this coating, the fingerprints on the screen are visibly reduced. The Easy-Clean-Effect makes it easier to clean the Apple Watch screen as well, which often gets dirty in daily life use. GLAZ goes one step further with Liquid 2.0. Due to its conditions, the screen has a significantly higher antibacterial effect than the normal screen without a liquid Apple Watch tempered glass. Because of the smooth surface, it makes it more difficult for bacteria to adhere to the screen.

In contrast to a conventional Apple Watch protective foil, the liquid screen protector eliminates trouble concerning dust and bubbles during installation. Because due the liquid form, air bubbles can be prevented. Furthermore, a peeling-off is prevented by means of the connection between Liquid 2.0 with the screen. These are already significant advantages that shows that Liquid 2.0 has many advantages. Especially with the small Apple Watch screen, the affixing and alignment of the tempered glass foil is cumbersome.

In addition, many screen protector products usually come with a meagre installation guide, which isn’t even written in English. In contrast, GLAZ has developed a simple, pictured step-by-step installation guide as well as an installation video in German and English especially for our liquid Apple Watch tempered glass. A premium tempered glass that offers significantly more comfort during installation than any other screen protector.

Furthermore, at GLAZ the support does not end with the purchase. Our friendly German support team takes care of your questions as well as your matters individually and personally. As a result, you can reach our team during the week by phone, email or via our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Experience yourself the difference and feel the pure Apple Watch feeling with the GLAZ Liquid 2.0!

Our liquid screen protector in the test on an iPhone 6s of the YouTuber iKnowReview

Our liquid screen protector shows what it can do in the hardcore test of the YouTuber iKnowReview. iKnowReview had handled one side of the Apple iPhone 6s with the GLAZ Liquid 2.0 for this bulletproof glass test and the other one did not. And see for yourself, our liquid screen protector holds much more than the untreated display of the iPhone. Furthermore, in a Droptest would notice that the iPhone display with Liquid 2.0 from much higher drop height still remains entirely. During the Panzerglas test, of course, materials and force were used, which do not correspond to the everyday use. Nevertheless, our liquid screen protector proves that it provides very good protection against scratches and other damage.

Unlike comparable products, the liquid Apple Watch bulletproof glass has a shelf life of up to 5 years, normal here is one year. Due to the long durability of the liquid Apple Watch protective film, the installation costs and the costs for the Liquid 2.0 are put into perspective. For suppose you buy a normal Apple Watch screen protector. This is no longer sizable after a year at the latest or has already been released from the display. Normally, dust and air bubbles cause problems during installation, where the first bulletproof glass foil is thrown away. As a result, you’ll probably buy a new Apple Watch protector every six months or year, and you’ll also have the hassle and hassle of installing it. Be smart and use our liquid Apple Watch armored glass Liquid 2.0 for screen protection.

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