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How a iPhone X pixel error dampen the brilliance

The anniversary-iPhone triggered the most incredible Apple-Hype for a long time in 2017. The iPhone X showed off with its modernity. From a unique OLED screen to an innovate Face ID – anything was possible. The iPhone X could quickly score in many particular competitions and despite some teething problems. As per DisplayMate for example, the screen was voted as the best screen in the world – and conducted the former first place – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – on the second place. As per this article, the screen was great, powerful and accurate. But this screen lost its glance as well. Software bugs such as sensitivity to cold were repaired quickly, but nevertheless they created a storm. Apple could convince with its fast reaction by means of an update, which put the matters to bed.  However, this is contrasted with an iPhone X pixel error, which cannot be explained and repaired to date.

The „Green Lines of“…

These fatal lines are not a newcomer in the world of Smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had to fight against a pink line. So far, Apple remained untouched by this mysterious problem. But after just some days into use, the users were angry about a lightening green line, which was suddenly appeared on the Smartphone. On Facebook were immediately a high number of news full of images and videos concerning the same problem. The one video or other plus helplessness of the user was shown on YouTube as well.

It was significant, that these circumstances as green line was not be there immediately after the unpacking or due to a crash. The green line was simply there on a vertical border position. A restart couldn’t find a remedy. The line could just move or appear somewhere else. Thereby it was just affected one model; the problem arose with all models from 64 GB to 256 GB and with all colors version. Apple responded for an iPhone X pixel error with exchange campaigns. Official statements remained a rarity.


Apple hushes up the causes for iPhone X pixel error

Up to now, meanwhile after 5 months, there isn’t still an official statement about the iPhone X pixel error. The users can just speculate about this issue. Techcrunch published a comprehensible and helpful theory just one year ago.

This issue could be due to the structure of the pixels of the new OLED screen. The so-called diamond sub pixel pattern has be used the first time with iPhone X. Thereby the pixels has a form of diamonds. While the red and blue pixels alternate, the green sub pixels follow each other and make a vertical line.  This hardware bug is the fact that the voltage is connected permanently from one to another green pixel, whereby this green line becomes visible.


The warranty extension of Apple shows helplessness further on

Apple has exchanged the concerned devices without any problems since the problem existed. The iPhone X pixel error is actually covered by the warrantee. Missing statements concerning the “green line of death” and a warranty extension are speaking volumes. The reason for the extension of exchange is high. Due to the low number of affected Smartphones, a free exchange is often cheaper than a problem analysis and costly repair costs. It is also possible that the bug is impossible to remove, because a company like Apple doesn’t often make confessions like “We don’t find the cause” or “We cannot solve this issue”.

The warranty extension allows the users, which are fighting against the green line up to now, or new iPhone X users, can exchange their concerned iPhone at an Apple Store for free.  How long Apple does retain this possibility isn’t clear. So don’t wait too long for an exchange.

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