iPhone XS Max Panzerglas Test

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The iPhone XS Max is Apple’s latest genius prank. More and more rumors about the biggest iPhone of all times go around. It should have a size of 6.5 inches and with a shiny OLED screen make a glint in the eyes of all users. The back will be completely made of glass, which rounds off the noble look. The iPhone XS Max is not only impressive from the outside. It can be unlocked via FaceID 2.0 and will have four gigabytes of RAM. Of course, Apple will make this multi-talent pay for itself. That makes it all the more important that you protect your new iPhone XS Max from all kinds of damage. The market for display protective foils is booming and it is difficult to keep track of things. This is where the iPhone XS Max tempered glass test comes in. We have taken a close look at the most important features of perfect protection exclusively for you!

Why a display protection is so important?

Nowadays, the purchase of a smartphone should always be directly linked to the purchase of a display protector. The high-end products are becoming more and more expensive and the displays are becoming more and more sophisticated due to complex processes and new technologies. For you to enjoy it for a long time, the perfect condition must be maintained in the best possible way. This guarantees that iPhone XS Max retains its value for a long time and you can save yourself expensive repairs.


Multifunctional screen protection is essential!

To protect yourself against scratches or cracks, you need a screen protective foil that is best multifunctional. The selection of these products is large, but the protective foil manufacturers usually specialize in a few properties. Either they provide good protection and impair the appearance of the smartphone. Or they look good, but do not offer optimum all-round protection. As the smartphone is always with you today, it deserves a screen protector that combines all the good features. That’s why an iPhone XS Max tempered glass test is important to find the right protective foil.


The iPhone XS Max tempered glass test

To keep the overview, it is important to compare different screen foils with each other. The best way to do this is to take an iPhone XS Max tempered glass test, which we did exclusively for you. First of all, it is important that the material used is extremely hard. Here a very resistant tempered glass is the first choice. GLAZ tempered glass has a hardness grade of 9H. This enables it to protect the iPhone XS Max screen from other protective foils. Despite its extreme hardness and durability, the tempered glass is ultra-thin. With a thickness of just 0.25mm (glass layer), the GLAZ screen protective foil is one of the thinnest foils on the market. That’s why iPhone XS Max can still be used with all popular cases.


Multifunctionality is the essential thing

Compared to other 2D or 3D protective foils, GLAZ tempered glass foil impresses with its 4D technology. It fits perfectly with the screen in the iPhone XS Max tempered glass test. The curves of the iPhone XS Max are completely preserved. Disturbing edges, waves or bubbles do not have a chance. All this ensures an additional 99% color brilliance on the screen. But that’s not the end of the story, because the foil from GLAZ can do much more. The double anti-fingerprint coating prevents fingerprints. Furthermore, the Clear-Notch technology ensures a dust-free sensor strip. Because we at GLAZ know from our experience that there is nothing more disturbing than functional restrictions caused by dirt.


Affixing in the iPhone XS Max tempered glass test

The installation of a protective foils has many pitfalls. It is not always possible to apply them directly. For many products of this type, the user is neither explained how to apply the film nor is an installation aid included. GLAZ puts an end to this. You have the possibility to watch an illustrated manual and additionally our installation video on YouTube. In addition, each tempered glass foil comes with a specially manufactured applicator. This affixing aid is placed around your smartphone so that you only have to insert the tempered glass and the screen protector fits perfectly. Our procedure is thus perfected and easy to understand compared to others.


Conclusion of the iPhone XS Max tempered glass test

If you compare the different screen protective foils for the iPhone XS Max with others, it quickly becomes clear that GLAZ is ahead by a nose when it comes to multifunctionality. The protective foil is extremely robust and still ultra-thin. In addition, the screen remains free of fingerprints for longer and dust has a chance. Thanks to the applicator, the installation is 100% perfect in a breath. In addition, the color brilliance and the optics are not impaired, but raised to a different level. What is certain is that the tempered glass performs significantly better than the conventional foils from the trade and thus it wins our iPhone XS Max tempered glass test deservedly.

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