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The armored glass film test – Only the best protective films come on display

Everything you need to know about the armored glass film test – that is essential for your displays / screens:

Whether the new Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Apple iPhone, a screen protector should protect the front of your screen like a tank from scratches or falls. Although this is not all that makes up a good screen protector, there are a few basic features of good protection films that make handling on and with the screen very comfortable:

– Resistance to scratches on the screen

– Transparency (ultra clear)

– Haptics

– No residues after removal of the film

– good adhesion

– antistatic (dust-free)

– completely covering

– Optics

Now, let’s go through our ultimate armored glass film test, looking for the best armor film. First of all, the armor foil from general manufacturers passes through the test and then our films of armored glass from GLAZ:


Resistance to scratches on the screen

Who does not dream of a screen of armored glass? It would be great if the screen of your smartphone / mobile phones would not be damaged by external, violent influences (such as a staircase crash). The front of the mobile phone is particularly vulnerable to damage of this type.

At the beginning, a few technical data of the armored foil: Armored glass has a hardness of 9H. This means that tank glass is nine times stronger than normal tempered glass. Screen protection films normally have a hardness of 2H / 3H. Who is good in mental arithmetic will know, that the armor film in the armored glass film test compared to the protection films made of glass, cuts out very well.

Those who can not do anything with bare numbers and data: the armored film should be able to withstand damage such as hammer hits, staircases and key scratches.

However, it may could be that the armored film subsequently is so damaged that it must be renewed. But this is better than a new display or cell phone, right?

So much to the armored glass film test in the category resistance of scratches on the smartphone.

Transparency (ultra clear)

In this chapter, the opinions about our armor foil in our armored glass-film test differs. Various companies and websites explicitly advertise that the film made of armored glass is well-light-permeable, so in the subject of transparency quite first class. Different users, however, who have tried the film of armored glass from many different manufacturers on the Samsung / Galaxy devices , criticize faulty transparency. The opinions differ widely.

What are your experiences with it?


Lets continue with the armored glass film test on haptics. This chapter is also rather subjective to evaluate, because opinions about the different manufacturers are also very different. Overall however, the judgment on the armor foil in our armored glass film test is rather positive. It is hard to see and therefore it does not attract attention. Would you share this opinion?

No residue after removal of the film

Adhesive residues after removing the armor film have not been observed in the armored glass film test. Why? Because this protective film of armored glass works with adhesive forces. In short: the film made of armored glass sucks automatically because of an arising vacuum. This is already the answers to the next point in our armored glass film test: good adhesion. There is nothing to complain about. This film can be applied without bubbles and is very easy to install. Of course the installation is also a very important topic. There is nothing more annoying than an assembly that only causes problems. Though, as already mentioned above, this film made of armored glass can not be used repeatedly.


There is also nothing to complain about in the armored glass film test. Due to the oleophobic (oil-repellent) components, this film made of armored glass rejects some dirt and greasy spots. Watch out: This repellent behavior is, of course, limited and does not mean that you should overpower the armor film!

Optics / complete covering

The look is obviously taste. Due to a measured layer thickness of 0.3mm, this film does not attract attention (see haptics). At the edges, of course, you should watch out that you order the right color here. On the subject of cover: Covered films cover the entire front without problems of the mobile phone screen / smartphone, for which the protective film of armored glass gets a thick positive point.

In the armored glass film test, the protective film made of armored glass is rather mediocre because it has some corners and edges from the other manufacturers.

What is better with the film made of armored glass from GLAZ?

  • Underneath our screen protector 2.0 is an intelligent acrylic layer that expands under heat and therefore adapts to the display with a little pressure
  • Our film made of armored glass can be used several times
  • No touchscreen limitations
  • Transparency: An unbeatably measured light transmittance of 96.3%

The foil made of armored glass from GLAZ combines all the positive, with new, optimized features and has thus created a new, perfect protection for your displays.

As an accessory for your smartphone, our protective film made of armored glass is a must-have! To stay up-to-date, you can subscribe our newsletter so you are always able to read and follow the latest innovations. Latest news will continue to be posted as the latest ad in our blog. If you have any questions concerning our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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