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Screen protection 2.0 – What is the difference to other iPhone 6 armored glass and the difference to screen protection 1.0?

The popularity of the Apple iPhone 6 armored glass to protect the expensive smartphones is growing and growing steadily. Which can’t be said of the normal screen protectors, because they are sensitive to scratches and do not have nearly the hardness of 9H, the hardness of an armored foil.

In addition to the many positive aspects that speak for a purchase, a few minus points are also noticeable. Many Apple iPhone owners know the problem. Cheap iPhone 6 armored glass is offered by online retailers such as Ebay and Amazon, but especially with the Apple iPhones from the 6 model turns out the glass is extremely risky. For reasons of cost, the manufacturers refrain from tailoring the size of the armored glass film, which is a prerequisite for optimum protection of the curved display.

And when the Apple iPhone 6 was introduced for the first time in September 2014, the vulnerable display and its risk of damage became more and more important. After the warranty expires, the repair of an Apple iPhone display is really expensive.

But there still has to be a more effective protection, or do we have to be satisfied with the profit chaser manufacturers producing screen protectors?

With this background knowledge and the goal, we have set ourselves the task of producing an armored glass, which ensures your Apple iPhone an optimal protection.

Our previous armored glass, the screen protector 1.0, has been perfected and now shines in many ways with new features in different categories.

With this screen protection, the complex measures for attaching an armored glass are in the past. We developed an applicator that makes it easy to attach the foil on the display and allows an optimal, bubble-free result on your mobile phone.

Basically, the screen protector 2.0 differs from a normal iPhone 6 armored glass by enclosing the entire front of the smartphone to protect it from scratches. The separate Home Button protection is the perfect protection foil and you are protected from daily hazards. Annoying dust and dirt can’t penetrate into the narrow slots and thus your Apple iPhone 6s also shines in its beautiful design. Almost every case / cover and guaranteed all original Apple cases are compatible with our screen protector. Furthermore, the 3D touch as well as the fingerprint sensor are not affected in their function and can be used as usual.

Our protection foil is sold including Home Button protection. The following items are included: GLAZ Screen Protector 2.0 with separate Home Button Protection including accessories (applicator for installation and installation instructions). The price for our protective glass in our Onlineshop is only 34.90 Euro and with an order of at least three items, the shipping is free of charge.

If you have decided on our protective glass, then you can secure more top products and get inspired by our offers.

See our GLAZ products on our website, get inspired and get a top screen protection for your Apple iPhone 6 / Plus or iPhone 6s / Plus.

Our screen protector 2.0 is now available; even more durable and resistant than its predecessor and an improved protection by the rounded edge. Do you want to protect your smartphone from danger? – Then you should not miss our innovative protection: the iPhone 6 armored glass.


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