iPhone XS Displayschutz

iPhone XS screen protector – Make your device safe!

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Apple fans around the world are already excited, because as some sources have reported, iPhone XS will be on sale from September 2018. Even though the exact name is still Apple's little secret, there is already a lot of speculation about the new Apple smartphone. The iPhone XS should be equipped with a 5.8-inch OLED... Read more »
Apple Magic Keyboard 3

Apple Magic Keyboard 3 Release 2018 – with/without touch bar

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Apple Magic Keyboard 2 has been available since October 2015 and it would be time for a new generation, the Apple Magic Keyboard 3, but this is exactly where the speculation about the design and functionality of the Apple keyboard comes up again. It is also questionable whether Apple will also introduce Apple Magic Keyboard... Read more »
OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X

OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X – All features in comparison!

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OnePlus 6 strengths inexpensive huge screen many megapixels a lot of RAM OnePlus 6 weaknesses not waterproofed no inductive charging iPhone X strengths inductive charging waterproofed wide-angle objective high resolution iPhone X weaknesses high costs Many of you will wonder why we are comparing these two smartphones. The iPhone X with its 1149€ for the... Read more »