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The new MacBook Pro 2018 is significantly more powerful than the MacBook Pro of recent years. This is due to the new and above all better CPU. The 13-inches version with touch bar features an i5 processor, which can be upgraded to i7, and the 15-inches MacBook Pro comes standard with an intel Core i7 with the option to expand to i9. As a result, a full 4.8 GHz should be possible with the larger version in Turbo Boost. Besides the computing power, the speed should be improved as well, of course without affecting the battery life. After all, with the two new models this should be guaranteed for up to 10 hours.

The graphic at a glance

The new MacBook Pro 2018 is also a true all-rounder when you want to see images and videos. The new 15-inches units are equipped with a Radeon Pro GPU for high performance. Also, the memory capacity of the graphics card on the 15-inches devices is 4 GB GDDR5, which leads to a smooth performance. The 13-inches MacBook with touch bar now features Intel’s Iris Plus Graphics 655, which gives you much more performance than previous models with an integrated graphics card.

Double RAM – no problem

The 15-inches MacBook Pro 2018 is now available with 32GB of RAM. The 16 GB more RAM makes Apple pay well. However, the new models should also be up to 2.8 times faster than the previous 16 GB versions. This is because Apple’s 15-inches version now uses the very fast, powerful 2400 MHz DDR4 memory. This enables the manufacturer to a better handling of large amounts of data, for example when playing games or opening sophisticated apps more quickly. This could be a big advantage especially for those users who want to run several applications at the same time.

More SSD capacity possible

Apple knows exactly what the users want. Exactly – more space for the important things in life. However, only very few Apple fans are able to afford the expansion to 4 TB. Because although you can always have whole photo galleries and videos with you, the price is pretty high. If you decide against the 4TB version, the smaller MacBook comes with 256 GB and the larger one with 512 GB SSD memory from the manufacturer. However, this size of the hard disk should be enough for many buyers.

Butterfly keyboard on MacBook Pro 2018

Also, in this MacBook Pro there is the Butterfly keyboard again, this time it is the 3rd generation. This should be most pleasing to those of us who write a lot. The iFixit team found out, that Apple has placed silicone membranes under the keys. This makes writing much quieter and there is less dust. Dust and dirt caused a lot of trouble with the previous MacBook Pro series because of the hanging keys. Apple has now set up a support page where affected customers can contact Apple and have their MacBook repaired free of charge. Furthermore, the keys should be up to 4x more stable than conventional keyboards. In addition to the stability, the Butterfly keyboard of Mac Book Pro 2018 is designed to make typing feel good as well. The fingers also come into play with the large Force Touch trackpad, where you can scroll or click as you like.

Clever work by means of innovative touch bar

Introduced in 2016, the Touch Bar now replaces the function keys on the keyboard and helps Mac Book Pro 2018 users respond better and faster. This smart function opens automatically whenever it is needed by the user. For example, viewed images can be filtered directly without having to search for the editing program. The Touch Bar can also be used with a variety of apps, making control much easier. All this no longer works with the traditional keystroke, but with intuitive finger movements such as pushing or stroking. This makes the MacBook Pro 2018 experience even more immersive and advanced.

As individual as your fingerprint

Everybody knows it! Unlocking is an annoying but very important issue. Apple introduced the TouchID for this in 2013. This ensures that devices can be unlocked simply by a fingerprint. Since 2016, the TouchID has been built into MacBook Pro, and in MacBook Pro 2018 as well, so, it is also possible to change users and system settings via fingerprint. This saves time and makes life easier.

Apple brings more color into the game

If you like colors, you’ll love the MacBook Pro 2018! It features the latest Retina display, strong black and white contrasts and LED lighting in the background. The new MacBook Pro 2018 with touch bar also features Apple’s True Tone technology. This technology brings digital visions up to date by ensuring that the white in the background automatically adjusts to ambient light conditions. This ensures that even when you’re surfing or working on your MacBook for long periods of time, your eyes can be protected.

Just to make sure!

The new MacBook Pro 2018 comes with an Apple T2 chip. A specially designed processor previously found in the new iMac Pro. As a result, the T2 chip ensures now more security on MacBook Pro 2018 with Touch Bar. In 2016, the manufacturer introduced the T1 chip to the MacBook Pro for the first time. This protected above all access to personal data such as the camera and also managed the stored TouchID data. The new T2 has a Secure Enclave co-processor that makes booting and stored data more secure than ever before. During the MacBook boot process, the T2 chip backs up the data and also checks the system for possible threats from viruses and boot attackers. If he finds it, the booting is immediately stopped. The T2 chip also controls the SSD memory and audio functions. Thanks to the new chip, the voice control “Hey Siri” is now also possible on the MacBook.


Apple is in a good technical position with the two MacBook Pro 2018 models. The CPU as well as the graphics card score points and are considerably more powerful than the previous versions. With the revision of well-known functions such as the touch bar and butterfly keyboard, but also the new True Tone technology, Apple sets new standards in user-friendliness. The T2 chip has also raised security to a new level. Now the only question is whether avid Apple fans will choose the 15-inch or the cheaper 13-inch model.

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