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Apple fans around the world are already excited, because as some sources have reported, iPhone XS will be on sale from September 2018. Even though the exact name is still Apple’s little secret, there is already a lot of speculation about the new Apple smartphone. The iPhone XS should be equipped with a 5.8-inch OLED screen. This is where the iPhone XS screen protector from GLAZ comes in, because it guarantees a long time of fun on the demanding screen. And it should probably be the first time Apple users have a dual SIM capability. At least this is what the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has often been right with his forecasts for Apple products in the past, suspects. Of course, there will be other changes which should be leached little by little.

The perfect iPhone XS screen protector from GLAZ – soon available for pre-order!

If you then choose the new iPhone XS from September, you will of course need a screen protector that protects the fascinating iPhone screen from scratches and cracks. The iPhone XS screen protector from GLAZ offers all this and much more. To ensure that the tempered glass is also available in time for the iPhone XS release, it can soon be pre-ordered in the GLAZ online shop. Anyone who chooses Liquid 2.0 liquid glass can also order it in the shop before the Apple Smartphone goes on sale.


Safety first! – GLAZ tempered glass for the iPhone XS

Even if the price for the iPhone XS with 899 dollars is supposed to be about 100 dollars less than the previous model iPhone X, the price for many people is still very high. That makes it all the more important to know that the noble iPhone is well equipped. And it is even better when you know that it is a robust tempered glass. With its glass layer thickness of just 0.25 mm, it remains almost unnoticed and yet is extremely stable. Thanks to the iPhone screen protector from GLAZ, you don’t have to worry if the expensive product should fall off, because the screen is always optimally protected.


Easy to apply due to special applicator

A specially developed applicator is included with the tempered glass to make it even easier to attach the screen protector for the iPhone XS. This attachment aid is simply placed over the display of the iPhone. From this point on, the iPhone screen is almost indestructible. This makes it child’s play to attach the iPhone XS screen protector, even for untrained hands.


Perfect results thanks to 4D technology

The iPhone XS screen protector from GLAZ works with an innovative 4D technology. The tempered glass is so rounded that it adapts perfectly to the shapes of the iPhone XS. The screen protector will therefore no longer be noticeable when typing, stroking or sliding, but will securely enclose the device like a transparent, unnoticed jacket. Disturbing edges and corners are history with the iPhone XS screen protector.


Fingerprints are a thing of the past – the Anti-Fingerprint-Coating

Who doesn’t know it? You are happy about your brand-new mobile phone and after a short use they already exist – the annoying fingerprints on the brilliant screen. To give the user a clear view, the iPhone XS screen protector from GLAZ is equipped with a double Anti-Fingerprint-Coating. Should a disturbing impression appear despite this protective measure, it can be removed quickly and easily by a short “wipe”.


Keep your head up!

The thin but extremely robust tempered glass from GLAZ offers perfect color brilliance despite an optimal protection. The transparency of the tempered glass is 99%. This makes the view of the iPhone XS OLED screen a real highlight.


Installation made easy!

In the fast-moving times in which we live, it is often difficult to read complicated operating instructions. For this reason, GLAZ offers several ways to view the instructions for attaching the screen protector. Both a detailed, illustrated installation guide and a YouTube video are available. So, you can easily apply the iPhone XS screen protector step by step according to the instructions. This leaves more time to enjoy the perfect result instead of having to read long, incomprehensible texts.


Dust-free sensor strip

The sensor strip, also called Notch, is often considerably contaminated by dust of the environment. This considerably limits functions such as the front camera, handset loudspeaker or FaceID. If there is once dust, it is hard to remove it. For this reason, the iPhone XS screen protector from GLAZ has an extra clear notch area that protects the sensor bar without changing the appearance of the iPhone.


With more hardness against damages!

The GLAZ iPhone XS screen protector has a hardness grade of 9H. This corresponds approximately to the hardness of a sapphire. If the iPhone XS screen should fall off unprotected and break, a repair of around 320 € would be extremely expensive and would cost almost a third of the new purchase price. But if you protect the screen of your iPhone XS comprehensively with the robust tempered glass, you will always know that your valuable Apple Smartphone is well protected.


Compatible with many cases!

Smartphone cases are available in many colors and variants. The iPhone case has become a fashion accessory for a long time. This will not change with the new Apple hobbyhorse iPhone XS. That’s why GLAZ iPhone XS screen protector is so thin (0.25mm glass layer) that it’s compatible with most cases and you don’t have to choose between design and an optimal protection.



The iPhone XS or whatever it’s called, will turn the world of technology upside down again. Whether you decide for or against the Apple’s newest iPhone is up to you. But the right screen protector is essential when making a purchase to ensure that the new Apple product will last.

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