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The iPhone XS Plus rumor mill is running. We’ve uncovered all the rumors surrounding Apple’s new smartphone. What will it look like? What dimensions can we expect? When will the release be available? Are you as curious as we are? Then read the news in our big iPhone XS Plus rumor mill.

In our iPhone XS Plus rumor mill we have given you a comprehensive report about the hopefully expected smartphone from Apple. With the new smartphone Apple is once again bringing out a grandiose high-tech device that is unrivalled on the market. It is the perfect phone for those who like a large screen and especially prefer the larger Apple models.

The iPhone X camera is one of the best on the market and offers unique image quality. Despite the lack of a home button, operation is easy. The face unblocking by the revised Face ID is still a current technical innovation. It changes the use of the smartphone fundamentally to the positive and also works very well in everyday life.

iPhone XS Plus rumors

If as per rumors, the A12 processor is really manufactured using a 7-nanometer process, this also means a longer runtime due to the low power consumption and higher performance. This innovation speaks very much for the new smartphone in our iPhone XS Plus rumor mill. We don’t have to talk about the workmanship, this is given by the noble design of Apple as already with its predecessor models.

The price for the smartphone is of course not to be underestimated with its approx. 1.100 Euro. The iPhone XS Plus will be one of the most expensive iPhones on the market. However, we find the arguments from our iPhone XS Plus rumor mill are sufficient to let the purchase of the new smartphone go through our minds.

We also reported about the new iOS 12. A great new operating system with many practical extras that make life easier. Among other things, we find that monitoring through the screen time function is a very good self-control. This may even make some of us aware of putting our smartphones aside and participating more in real life. Even the youngest of us are protected by this function! Many other great features, such as the facetime conference for up to 32 people, come with the new iOS 12. In summary, the iOS 12 operating system from the Californian giant inspires with one or the other function very much.

The iPhone XS Plus rumor mill is running

It’s running and running. The iPhone XS Plus rumor mill is in full swing. We have researched and collected some important facts about the smartphone. One thing, however, was discussed in advance. The current name of the smartphone irritates not only us. With the name iPhone XS Plus you quickly get the clothing size “extra small” in your head. Does Apple want the new phone to be associated with it? We don’t think so – or what do you think about it?

Industry insider Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka OnLeaks, has released render images and 360-degree videos of the new smartphone. Among other things, the iPhone XS Plus can be seen there. The smartphone is to be launched on the market with a 6.5-inch screen. Do you prefer it more manageable? Breathe a sigh of relief, because a smaller version with 5.8-inch screen will probably also be released! The High-Tech iPhone XS Plus will also feature an OLED display.

The rumor mill continues

Furthermore, our iPhone XS Plus rumor mill has found out that the easy charging is of course again given by the wireless charging function. The vertically arranged dual camera will also be available again on the new iPhone XS Plus. All “selfie lovers” among you will be thrilled, because thanks to the dual camera not only are your selfies better in quality, but also zooming with the function of “optical zoom” offers better picture quality and makes your holiday photos look even more professional.

But something is missing! When the jack was removed from the iPhone 7 at that time, the shock was great. This saved Apple space in the case for more technology. Apple supplied an adapter for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X models so that you could still enjoy your music with the wired headphones without any problems. According to the MacRumors website, however, this should come to an end with reference to the accessory manufacturer logic! In an internal analysis, he speaks of a missing adapter.

According to the iPhone XS Plus rumor mill, the model may have dual-sim support. The current iOS 12 Beta already gives some hints. It is still unclear exactly how the Californian manufacturer envisaged this. However, for those of you who need two numbers, this would be a super cool thing! We would certainly be very pleased.

Advantages due to the new 7-nanometer process

The iPhone XS Plus rumor mill is running. Because there is also speculation about the processors. These will probably come completely from Apple production partner TSMC. The SoC, presumably called A12, is currently in production and will be used in the new iPhone XS Plus, among other things. More power and efficiency will be provided by the A12 processor.

According to the industry journal DigiTimes, the A12 chip is to be produced for Apple in a 7 nm process. This new processor promises less power consumption with more performance. According to TSCM, the 7nm FinFET process allows a speed improvement of up to 20 percent with 40 percent less power consumption. The A12 chip in the 7 nm process is thus smaller, more efficient and faster than corresponding models, such as the Apple A11 chip in the 10 nm process (which is built into the Phone X and iPhone 8).

According to our iPhone XS Plus rumor mill, the coming smartphone will probably be the first mobile phone to incorporate the A12 processor. Sounds fantastic not only for us. The Asian company TSMC is also hoping for record profits from the production. In addition to Apple, other smartphone chips will also be manufactured in the 7 nm process in the future.

The iPhone XS Plus rumor mill – The design

The iPhone XS Plus rumor mill gives you an idea that Apple follows the iPhone X in its design. According to this, the iPhone XS Plus is expected to no longer have a home button. The Touch ID should also be replaced by the Face ID. In addition, the face ID is expected to be improved again. Unlike the current iPhone X, we can look forward to more reliable and faster performance with the new iPhone XS Plus.

Elegant and impressive, the new iPhone XS Plus will probably have a glass backside again. This modern look is supported by the frame of the smartphone. The frame is made of a high-gloss stainless steel composite material and provides a special gloss effect. Not only a great look, definitely also a great feeling when handling!

Let’s continue with the colors. For all of you who are bored by the “rare color choices” of the current smartphones: The iPhone XS Plus rumor mill suggests that there will be a wider choice of colors. Instead of black and white, more variety should be added to the iPhone color range with orange, blue and red. Of course, there is already a colorful selection on other Apple smartphones.

However, especially with the expensive model, such as the iPhone XS, it would be a decisive decision aid for one or the other. The narrow edges of the screen like on the iPhone X remain the same. The modern, youthful and fresh style will continue to be adopted by the giant smartphone.

iPhone 2018 – o2 kicks off

We found out in our iPhone XS Plus rumor mill that o2 has created a new page. Here each of you can register as a customer for a new smartphone. You will automatically receive all information about the new Apple products and those of other manufacturers. So, if you want to be one of the first proud iPhone XS Plus owners, sign up quickly. Of course, you will also be notified as soon as you can pre-order your smartphone.

The new iPhone XS Plus – The price

The iPhone XS Plus rumor mill is of course on the subject of price overheating. According to Computerbild, the price of the smartphone in the USA is set at 999 US dollars. Here on land the new mobile phone will probably crack the 1,000.00 Euro limit with easiness. The price will be between 1.100,00 Euro and 1.149,00 Euro. But as you might expect, even the high price won’t stop most Apple lovers among you from buying the wonder device. Because the manufacturer’s performance speaks for itself.

Autumn is Apple time – Keynote & release

Of course, the iPhone XS Plus rumor mill is also running for the keynote and the release. However, as every apple fan knows, autumn is Apple time. This means that we can expect to finally see the new smartphone in its full glory next September. The page “Macerkopf” reports that the keynote will probably take place around September 12. The pre-order phase is scheduled to start on 14 September. The actual sales start and delivery date could therefore be September 21. So, there is still some time left to hold out, because not for long and you can hold your new favorite Apple piece in your hands.

More performance and efficiency – iOS 12

The iPhone XS Plus and the rumor mill naturally also include the question of which operating system will the new mobile phone be launched with? We are quite sure that it will be iOS 12.

Apple’s priority with the iOS 12 is to improve performance and reduce errors. Because in the previous version these were not exactly a rarity. The apps should start twice as fast as under iOS 11, or even under high load, and it is also planned that this improvement in speed will also be noticeable when the camera and keyboard are opened.

iOS 12 – Photos

With iOS 12 all users get the possibility to browse their saved photos even easier. It is intelligent that you get suggestions for visited places, events etc. and so you can very quickly recall old memories. There will also be a feature that automatically recognizes people in a photo and provides suggestions on who to share these images with. If the other person also has iOS 12, they can easily share the pictures on their smartphone with you.

iOS 12 – Siri has become clever!

But Siri is again in full employment for you as well! The language assistant remembers daily routines and suggests possible interactions. All users can now use the “Shortcuts App” to define their own commands for Siri. An example for you: Work over, off home with you… Your phone automatically sends a message, for example to a family member, starts a specific TV station, and so on. So Siri has evolved and become smarter. But even without speech recognition Siri is by your side. Proposals for actions will now also appear on the lock screen. For example, if you are in the cinema, a “Do not disturb” shortcut will appear on the screen.

iOS 12 screen time – Fighting mobile addiction

Who already knows it? The smartphone is a constant and above all important companion in daily life. We always have the Apple at our side. If it is not in sight, you quickly get nervous. Sure, the wonder of Apple offers a great deal of luxury and can relieve even in everyday stress. But sometimes it also turns into an everyday burden. In the new iOS operating system, therefore, there is a feature that provides an overview of the general screen-on time and the duration of using apps.

You can even see through so-called “activity reports” how often you have taken the phone, sent messages or even surfed the Internet. There is also a restrictive feature that allows you to use certain social media pages only for a certain amount of time each day. Not only for us, this feature is very interesting, but also for parents who want to protect their children from excessive cell phone consumption.

iOS 12 – FaceTime with up to 32 people

FaceTime Video and FaceTime Audio now supports up to 32 people. The image of the person who is speaking is even placed in the foreground. Thus, you are sure to keep track of everything. You can start the whole thing directly from a group conversation via the App News. In contrast, you can enter a conversation whenever you want.

iOS 12 – Create yourself as an Animoji

Just create a Memoji that suits you. Your personality – your appearance – your mood. You can create multiple Memoji and use them in the Messaging app or via FaceTime.

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