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iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil: Just like 2017, 2018 will be full of new Apple innovations. There are several models that the major company plans to launch in 2018. The latest technology and the highest quality – we can naturally expect that. However, we have also to remember that these products will have a high price. For this reason, it is particularly recommended to equip the Apple device with a screen protector, tempered glass, protective foil or case…

iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil: Will there be an iPhone XS Max?

We don’t know exactly how Apple will call the new model yet, but we are sure that there will be an iPhone X successor – in the form of an iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 Plus. This model will probably outperform its predecessor in some features because we’ve already heard it from Apple: The company always wants to go one step further.

Many innovations, latest technology, the most elegant design – of course this should be maintained for as long as possible. However, as manufacturers are finding it really difficult to make the Smartphone robust, it will not be possible to maintain these features for a longer time. A robust construction with the latest technology and an elegant design is becoming difficult to implement. For this reason, the modern mobile phone is almost completely made of glass. So, in the end, it’s not a bad thing that modern Smartphones are very fragile, because nobody can hope for a construction of a Nokia 5110 anymore.


iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil: Important features of a protective foil should be considered

The purchase of an iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil is thus very important. But what exactly an iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil in the form of a protective foil or tempered glass should have? As an amateur, of course, you don’t know so much about it. In addition, the market with these products is booming.

For these reasons, we would like to list some important features that you should consider before buying an iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil sheet. This product is not yet available on the market. But as soon as the sales launch of the iPhone X successor is due, that will change as well.


iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil: Here are the important features!

A high hardness grade: The hardness grade of a protective foil indicates with which material the protective foil can be destroyed. The higher the hardness grade, the better the protection, because the material have to be more robust in order to destroy the product. The hardness grade can vary between 1H and 9+H – 9+H is the strongest level. For example, an iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil with a hardness grade of 7H can be destroyed with quartz, while a hardness of 9H can be attacked with corundum (sapphire glass). The recommended hardness grade of an iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil should be 8H at least.

High transparency: A high transparency is also important when purchasing an iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil. Transparency is usually expressed as a percentage. The transparency of an iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil is made to ensure that the viewing experience is not restricted by the screen protector. The higher the light transmission, the greater and more beautiful the experience of watching videos and photos. The optimal transparency should be 100% with a screen protector.

Long durability of the product: No one benefits if they are annoying replacing of their iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil for several times a year. Unfortunately, that’s not good for your economy as well. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase the tempered glass with the highest durability. Your mobile and your economy will thank you…

High-quality design: Not so many details are yet known about the iPhone XS Max. However, we are sure that it will convince with an elegant and breathtaking design. An iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil that restricts this design is naturally very annoying. The product should therefore be adapted to the design of the Smartphone and itself have a high-quality design.

Small thickness: Often there are screen protector foils that do not score particularly well in terms of their thickness. However, if the thickness is too large, the user or the mobile phone user may have some difficulties. If the thickness is too thick, it could happen that the Smartphone – is restricted not only in its elegance – but also in its functions. For example, the touch function can be restricted and you can get difficulties using the mobile phone as usual. The thickness should therefore be as small as possible and still guarantee a sufficient and high-quality protection.

After you have read through the important features of a suitable screen protector, we can also tell you that the GLAZ products have exactly these important features. Our hardness grade, transparency, durability, etc. meet the important requirements.


iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil: Conclusion

The iPhone XS Max or the successor of the iPhone X is not yet on the market. But we are sure that it will convince us with the best technology and the latest innovations. Using a Smartphone in daily life without a protective foil or tempered glass is very precarious. Before you buy your Apple phone, you should purchase an iPhone X Plus tempered glass foil.

At the same time as the sales launch of the successor to the iPhone X will start, GLAZ will also be launching a product from the iPhone XS Max tempered glass foil category. We will reflect the requirements of the important features in our screen protector products to protect your phone in the best way. Just visit our shop and convince yourself of our great products. Furthermore, you can already learn that all our products have the important features, such as a high hardness grade. Our products are also available on Amazon. The GLAZ products are not only available for the iPhone series, but also for the Samsung Galaxy, the Apple iPad and the Apple Smartwatch.

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