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Anticipation not only for the new iPhone…

iPhone fans will find it hard to keep up, as each day brings Apple’s annual keynote closer. The time will come again in September 2018. Although there is no anniversary iPhone this year, we can still look forward to promising products. The rumors are high as every year and have already released some details. Three new Smartphones will be presented this year. From a cheaper version, in the sense of an iPhone XR, up to the expensive model – a big brother of the iPhone X – everything is possible. The new iPhone XS Max will probably have a lot in common with its younger and much smaller brother. Among other things also the sensitive OLED screen. When you know something about this sensitive screen, the early thought of a good iPhone XS Max screen protector is not wrong.

…but also, on the new iPhone XS Max screen protector!

With a diameter of 6.5 inches, the new iPhone XS Max will be 0.7 inches larger than its predecessor. Thus, the iPhone offers a larger surface for scratches, breaks, etc… Regardless of the care you take, your phone can fall off your sofa, out of your pocket or just out of your hand. Consequently, breaks and thick scratches are the inner “horror image” before you pick up the phone and take a cautious look at the screen. With GLAZ screen protector, these horror ideas are a thing of the past.

Screen protector like no other

With the tempered glass for the iPhone X, GLAZ was able to inspire many people during the last year. Looking to the future, they want to continue this and are already developing an iPhone XS Max screen protector. Screen protectors will be available for pre-ordering after the Apple Keynote 2018. So, you’re ready to go as soon as you hold your new iPhone XS Max in your hands.

Incomparable 4D design

With iPhone X, screen protector manufacturers were faced with an increased level of difficulty: rounded edges and an almost borderless display. While most screen foils simply cover the straight display – leaving the corners unprotected – the GLAZ foil offers all-round protection thanks to the original 4D design. The new iPhone XS Max screen protector will also benefit from this technology. By following the elegant curves, no edges are created and thus provide for an unbelievably pleasant wearing and operating comfort. This means that there are no restrictions on spite of the greatest possible protection. Following the incomparable design of the iPhone X series means as well that the new iPhone XS Max will not lose its charm or its elegance.

Elegance in spite of maximum protection

With a glass thickness of 0.25 mm, iPhone XS Max screen protector will be one of the thinnest protective foils ever. But with a hardness of 9H it is also one of the strongest. 9H corresponds to the hardness of a sapphire and is therefore resistant to scratches and crashes. With the current iPhone X, a screen repair (without Apple Care) costs only 321.10 Euro. With the new iPhone XS Max, the larger display can cost even more. This is one more reason to choose a good screen protector for your new iPhone.

Perfect fit – due to the innovative applicator as well

Just like its predecessor, the new iPhone XS Max screen protector will score with its perfect fit. Even the notch (sensor strip) is protected precisely and optimally by a transparent clear notch area. Without affecting the innovative and sensitive technology of Face ID and Co. in any way.

The delivery also includes an additional applicator to enable an exact application. With this GLAZ attachment aid, it is very easy to place the tempered glass on the new iPhone. Of course, there is also a pictured installation guide. And for those who need a practical guide, there is a multilingual installation video on YouTube.

0% fingerprints and 99% transparency

Even annoying fingerprints won’t be a problem on the iPhone XS Max screen protector. With two layers of the so-called Anti-Fingerprint-Coating, a significant reduction of marks is achieved. This double coating not only makes the protection more stable and therefore more durable, but also makes cleaning easier. If impressions are visible, they can be removed quickly and easily by wiping with a cloth. Large cleaning operations are no longer necessary.

During the entire processing, importance is attached to the existing design of the smartphone. Thus, not only the external elegance, but also the fascinating screen is considered. To ensure that the Super Retina HD and OLED screen continues to shine with breathtaking colors, GLAZ guarantees a 99% transparency with its screen protection. This makes the iPhone XS Max protective foil from GLAZ virtually invisible and there is really almost no difference.

Is it worth to buy this screen protection?

In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves how much the protection of the new iPhone is worth to them. While some prefer to buy a simple foil for 10 €, others prefer to pay more money and time. People with cheap foils just can shake their heads. What most people don’t see, however, are the big advantages that a proper protective foil brings. GLAZ, for example, offers an excellent and optimum protection for all daily life situations. While cheap foils scratch quickly and don’t usually protect in the case of crashes, a GLAZ screen protector foil can even withstand high falls. As this may sound, it is true: quality has its price. Of course, you should not spend huge sums on a new protective foil. What is important is a consistent price-performance ratio. With GLAZ, for example, you actually get an unbeatable protection for a comparatively higher price.

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