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Apple’s keynote for iPhone XS is scheduled for September. The new smartphone probably has a classy design, a fascinating screen and a superlative a12 processor. Will Apple be able to combine speed, innovation and efficiency in the new iPhone?

iPhone XS will turn the smartphone market upside down. Speculation is running wild and everyone wants to know what Apple has come up with to please technology fans. What is certain is that the design will not change greatly. It is strongly oriented towards the iPhone X. But it will be more energy efficient and faster than any Apple iPhone you’ve ever seen. But there’s more for you! AirPods and inductive charging eliminate the need for cables and the augmented reality of iOS 12 rounds off the innovative experience. There will probably be many more innovations. You can be curious! We’ll be sure to be one of the first to let you know.

Autumn will be hotter than summer – at least for all Apple fans! The new products are unstoppable. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the keynote speech of the technology giant. Apple always presents its innovations at this huge event.

Whether iPhone or Apple Watch, this time there is something for everyone. At least Apple connoisseurs think that and continue to fuel the rumors about the new devices. Especially iPhone lovers should get their money’s worth. This time, Apple may be knocking out three different iPhones. Among them is the iPhone XS, which will be the direct successor of the iPhone X.

But what can the new model do and how exactly will the iPhone XS look like? We have informed ourselves once for you and summarized all important information for you!



A very hot, new rumor ahead: Guilherme Rambo, a well-known Apple expert, has now caused a sensation with a Twitter entry. It can be read from his tweet that there are even four devices that Apple will present to its users. So far, all sides assumed that there will be beside the iPhone XS still another favorable variant, the iPhone XR, and a more expensive High-end equipment, the iPhone XS Max.

Which new model will be added? Or are they just “the familiar” three devices? Let’s start with the speculations about iPhone XS, which have already been confirmed by several sources.


iPhone XS Design – Outside hooey!

The design of iPhone XS looks very similar to its direct predecessor, iPhone X. Externally there will be hardly any change. It will continue to be a frameless, crystal-clear 5.8-inch OLED display that gives you plenty of room for your activities.

The notch on the upper screen also remains. This is not pleasant for everyone, as the sensor bar interferes with certain activities, such as watching videos.

The successor of iPhone X is expected to come in three different colors. It is assumed that Space Grey and Silver will definitely win the race. The good news for all users who like it conspicuous: perhaps a golden version will be added to it. That means you have a little more choice than before. iPhone X is only available in two colors.


Home Button – Yes or No?

As the display is designed to give you as much space as possible for your fascinating experiences, there is no room for the home button. But that’s not too bad, because iPhone X also offers the possibility of simply downloading it virtually onto the iPhone. If this also works with the iPhone XS, you have a lot of space and still a certain basic order when navigating.


Inductive charging with your iPhone XS

The reverse side of glass remains the same on the iPhone XS, most rumors assume. Thereby, the device can still be charged inductively. That means you save yourself the annoying clutter of cables and simply place your iPhone on the charging point.

This is very practical, but here too you need the right back protection for your device. The glass coating is extremely susceptible to scratches and if you use the function daily, wear and tear may occur. With the right tempered glass from GLAZ, your device is also optimally protected during inductive charging.


Complete cable renunciation?

If you don’t like inductive charging and perhaps prefer to charge the battery using the tried and tested method, you need to take a deep breath at this point.

Apple’s Lightning cable may disappear completely and the iPhone may only be charged inductively.

Who has gotten a fright now, perhaps better can get along with this alternative. It may also be the case that Apple switches to USB type C. Either with a special dock or complete. This would solve several problems at once and would probably be the more practical solution for many. We will soon see which way the manufacturer is going.


Gorilla Glass 6 offers you double protection

Of course, this topic is particularly important to us at GLAZ. Since we have made the protection of your product our goal, we are particularly pleased about another innovation. Apple may use Gorilla glass 6 on the iPhone XS. According to the manufacturer, it is twice as durable as the Gorilla Glass 5 represented on the iPhone X.

Even if the glass looks robust, only an additional display protection foil or our liquid tempered glass can offer you optimal protection. In case of a repair, you will incur considerable costs. Apart from that, display damage doesn’t look very good as well. We don’t want you to, and we strongly recommend our iPhone XS tempered glass.

You don’t have to rely on Gorilla Glass 6, but rather protect your valuable device twice over. You have made the best provisions and a long friendship awaits you and your darling.


Dual Sim – Can two fit in there?

This could be a little sensation. For the first time Apple wants to allow two Sim cards in one iPhone. This would allow users to use the same device for private and business purposes, for example.

However, this function is only intended for the Asian region. In Germany and other countries this would mean only one Sim card slot. That would be a pity, because who wouldn’t want an iPhone XS in Germany that can be used with two Sim cards?


iPhone XS Max?! – A big, expensive brother

Beside the iPhone XS, which can be bought from about 1040€, a more expensive high-end device will be available for about 100 € more.

Of course, the name is still vague, but we just assume that it will be called iPhone XS Max. It is expected to have a 6.5-inch OLED panel and is therefore much larger than the 5.8-inch version. It also allows you to open your favorite app in landscape mode soon.

Both have in common the double camera on the back, with which you can take pictures like with a reflex camera. So, nothing stands in the way of your fascinating nature shots or portrait photos.

If you may not want to carry your smartphone in your pocket and are willing to spend a few more euros, then you can have a lot of fun with this valuable device.


iPhone XS – EarPods

Now comes bad news for all those who like to listen to their favorite music on their EarPods. It was foreseeable that Apple would soon say goodbye to them. The company moves with the times and so the headphone jack will probably disappear.

As is suspected, Apple probably wants to switch completely to the wireless AirPods. This makes sure that you don’t have any more annoying cables in your way, but it also takes away your freedom to decide. Apple has still included a specific adapter with the iPhone so that the EarPods could continue to be used. But that is to change in 2018.


So, what’s in it? The new A 12 chip

Of course, it’s also interesting to know what the iPhone XS has to offer you in terms of technical features. It is assumed that it will get a powerful A12 processor. With this new chip from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the computing power is to be increased by as much as 15%.

In addition to the new computing power, it is above all the energy efficiency that the new CPU has to offer. The iPhone X still contains the A11 Bionic chip, which is manufactured using the 10-nanometer process.

Now the 7-nanometer manufacturing method is to be used for the first time. This makes the CPU much smaller and is able to save more energy. This means you can use your device longer without having to charge the battery. This is extremely innovative, because the process is not only good for the environment, but also for your finances.


More RAM for faster applications

The main memory is also impressive, because instead of 3 GB the iPhone XS should now have 4 GB RAM. That makes your new gem much faster than before. You can run multiple applications and apps simultaneously at high speed.

The memory you are offered, however, is still much smaller than the competition. For example, the OnePlus 6 is available with up to 8GB RAM and is even cheaper.


iPhone XS an all-rounder with iOS 12

As we have only devoted ourselves to hardware so far, we will now also talk about the software. Because it’s at least as important when it comes to what you can do with iPhone XS. If you are using an Apple device you can currently download the 8th beta version of iOS 12 and test the new operating system extensively. If you prefer to wait for the iPhone XS, we will be happy to give you a few small glimpses of what awaits you in the end.

Thanks to the new operating system, you will be able to launch important applications such as the keyboard or camera twice as fast in the future. This way you react in a flash and don’t miss any special motive.

In combination with the RAM and the new A12 chip, you can use your iPhone at the speed of light. Image search has also revolutionized, because searching and finding photos is now much easier.


What else is possible due to iOS 12?

iOS 12 gives you the opportunity to bring your environment into the virtual world with Augmented Reality. For example, you can use this feature to plan, measure and share your furniture with friends.

In order not to get completely lost in the “other” world, iOS 12 offers you the possibility to monitor your app usage with the feature “screen time”. You have everything in view!

If you have many friends or like to have group conversations with FaceTime, this will soon be possible for up to 32 people at a time. So, you can use your iPhone XS for bigger meetings.


Last but not least! The Face ID gets a new look

If you’d like to unlock your iPhone without fingerprints, iPhone XS could be the same. Then, a little better than with iPhone X.

The new Face ID shall recognize your face faster. It is also assumed that another person can unlock the device with their face. This should especially please people who want to share a device.


Safety first!

The rumor mill is really running – we expect a lot from the new Apple iPhone. If you choose iPhone XS because of its many new product features, we’d like to offer you the best possible protection for your iPhone XS.

No matter what the iPhone’s final name is, whether it has three or two cameras or whatever it could be charged. We’re always up to date so we can get the most out of the new Apple product and offer you everything you need right after you buy it. Namely a screen protector of the extra class. A tempered glass that’s hard as a sapphire and avoids off all damages. You will be able to pre-order our protection right after the keynote. This rumor is fully confirmed! Promised.

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