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There are many indications that Apple will present the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR with USB-C at Apple Keynote 2018. With an iPhone USB-C cable Apple could introduce the USB-C standard to its smartphone models as early as 2018. USB Type C or Thunderbolt 3 has been standard on MacBook since 2015. The omission of the Lightning socket would not be dramatic if Apple added a Lightning to USB-C adapter to the new iPhone. The omission of the jack on Lightning adapters is regarded as decided in well-informed groups.

Back door for changing to the iPhone USB-C cable…

In our opinion, the elimination of the Lightning connector is only a matter of time, as Apple has recently committed to introducing the USB-C standard by 2021 at the latest. Apple can also use a USB-C plug and a USB-C Lightning cable to meet the EU standard. However, the Apple Lightning connection is becoming less and less important as many users are now using Bluetooth headphones or even Apple AirPods. Therefore, changing to the USB Type C standard only has advantages, as no adapters are required to connect to the MacBook. Furthermore, iPhone XS and iPhone 9 would be compatible with many accessory cables and devices. We would find this an important step in Apple’s right direction!


These are good reasons to change from Lightning to USB-C on iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Meanwhile Apple relies more and more on USB Type C. With the introduction of MacBook 2015, the Apple notebook was the first to use USB-C only. In 2016 the MacBook Pro followed, which caused a lot of outcry. Unfortunately, Apple had missed to add an adapter for important peripheral devices in the pro range to a 2000 Euro notebook. After all, Apple not only harvested mockery and trouble with various adapters, but earned money with them. After all, Apple could do better with the introduction of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR and directly add a USB-C to Lightning adapter. At least, Apple has succeeded in doing so with the release of iPhone 7. At that time, the US company included a free adapter for the no longer required jack connection with the smartphone.

Furthermore, an iPhone USB-C cable will also be included with the new iPhone models. This can then also be used for direct data exchange with the MacBook and as a charging cable.


Faster charging with an iPhone USB-C plug and cable

By using an iPhone USB-C plug, iPhone XS and iPhone XR can be charged faster. Furthermore, this would also enable faster wireless charging. Currently this is already possible with the iPhone X and iPhone 8 by using the iPhone USB-C power plug of the MacBook.

Finally, USB-C 3.1 offers a transmission speed of up to 10Gbit/s, with USB-C 3.2 even up to 20Gbit/s. As already mentioned, charging of the new 2018 iPhone models can be significantly accelerated with the new connection. Because with USB type C charging with up to 100 watts is possible.

Whether Apple will take the next step remains to be seen. The switch to the iPhone USB C would definitely be innovative.

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