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iPhone XR tempered glass: Rumors about the new iPhone XR

The iPhone XR tempered glass will soon find its place in our shop. However, the rumors are high. Will there even be an iPhone XR? If so, what will it look like? What new features does it have and when will it appear?

There is a lot of speculation about the new iPhone XR – also called iPhone 2018. But the most important question for us to enjoy the high-tech device long enough is: how is Apple’s new iPhone protected from typical everyday dangers? Of course, we have already thought about this in advance. Because there will also be an iPhone XR tempered glass from GLAZ for the iPhone XR.

It is rumored that the new iPhone, like many of its predecessors, will be on the market in September 2018. So, there is still enough time to think about the right protection for your smartphone. The iPhone XR will probably be hard to tell apart from the iPhone X in terms of its features. We’ve put together three facts about the new iPhone XR for you that are sure to come.

  1. iPhone X Display Design
  2. Face ID scanner
  3. Dual camera /12 megapixel

iPhone XR tempered glass – Protected from the beginning

The new iPhone XR tempered glass already plays an important role. Why? We can answer that, because a picture of the new iPhones has already been released. The French technique site “Les Numériques” shared this with us. Among other things, the new iPhone XR can be seen on it. As with the iPhone 8, the back is equipped with a glass rear view. A noble design, like the previous model iPhone 8, but the perfect protection is especially recommended for such a sensitive surface. This is possible with the iPhone XR tempered glass or the Liquid 2.0 from GLAZ. What special characteristics this protection has, you will learn in the following article.

iPhone XR tempered glass – Protected from daily dangers

With the upcoming iPhone XR tempered glass from GLAZ, your smartphone has an all-around protection. Who does not know the typical everyday situations. I’m in a hurry, looking for my cell phone all over the house. Finally found I want to call someone or send a WhatsApp message. In a hurry, the phone falls out of his hand and falls to the floor. I pick it up and hope inside that there is no scratch on the display or on the back. Or even worse, hopefully no crack in the display or even a corner has broken out.  In the worst case, the mobile phone no longer reacts correctly.

Unfortunately, this does not happen very seldom with the sensitive high-performance devices. The enormous sensitivity of the device allows such a mishap to happen quickly. At the latest then you are annoyed about not having used decent protection. We from GLAZ offer the optimal front and back protection with the iPhone XR tempered glass.

iPhone XR tempered glass – The right protection

The iPhone XR tempered glass from GLAZ offers the right protection for your smartphone. A thin glass protection foil, which is easy to apply, as with the previous models, will also be available for the front and back. Due to the slim design, there are absolutely no functional restrictions. We are currently still in the development stage and are trying to adapt the new protection even more faithfully to the iPhone. The shape of the screen protector will also retain our unique 4D design and be precisely adapted to the shape of the iPhone.

But the best in the end. With the iPhone XR tempered glass and a hardness grade that will probably be around 9H again, falls are optimally absorbed again. This saves you expensive repair costs, which with about 300€ can quickly tear a big hole in your wallet. When you buy the iPhone 9 tempered glass from GLAZ you pay once – then you can relax and breathe a sigh of relief when handling your Apple product.

Also available with iPhone XR tempered glass – The Liquid

GLAZ also offers an innovation here. If you are not a fan of the iPhone XR tempered glass in the sense of a release foil, you can fall back on our Liquid 2.0. In the 3-layer process, three layers of the liquid tempered glass are installed directly on the smartphone screen. The display is 100% protected by the simple application of liquid glass crystals, just like on the iPhone XR tempered glass screen protector. The liquid from GLAZ achieves an incredible degree of hardness grade of 9+H! The use of real glass offers you a strong protection against scratches and other damages.

And it gets even better: unlike other conventional protective foils, GLAZ Liquid offers a durability of up to 5 years. GLAZ has created individual, simple and even illustrated installation instructions especially for liquid tempered glass. Furthermore, a video for the correct installation in German and English is available on YouTube. Our support team will also support you by e-mail or phone. So, nothing more stands in the way of a correct installation!

iPhone XR tempered glass – When will it be available?

The new iPhone XR tempered glass, whether liquid or solid, will be available for pre-order from the iPhone XR keynote. Other new products from GLAZ are also in production. So, you can be curious.

iPhone X tempered glass – Is it worth?

We think the purchase of the iPhone XR tempered glass is more than worthwhile! No matter if it is the liquid glass Liquid 2.0 or the tempered foil 2.0 4D! Because if you have signs of wear on the display / on the back or even deep cracks, not only is the trouble big, but also at the resale value it will fall. Who wants to spend a small fortune on a mobile phone with traces of use? Nobody!

Our conclusion:

Better spend a few Euros more for the perfect protection of your iPhone than to make the false economy! You can’t do your smartphones a bigger favor than to protect them optimally from dangers. This succeeds perfectly with a screen protector from GLAZ.

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