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Soon it’s time: Apple invites you to the Keynote again to present their new products. Three new iPhone models are expected, including the iPhone XR, which at 6.1 inches will be between the iPhone XS and XS Max in terms of size. Due to some factors, for example a built-in LCD panel or a single camera on the back, it will be the cheapest of the three devices. All new models will have an iPhone X look, with an edge-to-edge display, notch and glass back. That’s why it’s important to think about the right iPhone XR screen protector.

iPhone XR screen protector: Why this is so important?

Strictly speaking, the iPhone XR needs not only a display but also a back protection. In recent years, it has become apparent that iPhones can be extremely sensitive when it comes to scratches or cracks. For the individual this means an expensive repair and reduction of the resale value. However, some users are unpopular with covers, which usually does not guarantee protection. The iPhone XR screen protector from GLAZ offers a good compromise between security and design.

iPhone xR screen protector: Products from GLAZ

GLAZ products combine protection, comfort and elegance, making them wonderful everyday helpers. Both GLAZ screen protector 2.0 4D and GLAZ Liquid 2.0 are easy to use and offer long-lasting protection through a glass hardness grade of 9H or 9+H for liquid glass. This corresponds to the hardness of sapphire and is able to save you repair costs of up to 320€! Our tempered glass is only 0.25 mm thin (glass layer thickness) and appears with 4D curves, so that no edges interfere with operation. Installed with the supplied applicator, the display protection fits perfectly and prevents unnecessary space where dust can collect. The slender and curved design makes the tempered glass compatible with almost all cases.

GLAZ Liquid 2.0 offers the same advantages and is also invisible. Once applied, it protects your iPhone from damage for up to five years and can be combined with any case. Both variants are available for front and back and therefore, especially in combination, provide excellent all-round protection for your smartphone.

iPhone XR screen protector: New products from GLAZ

Also, for the coming iPhone generation there will be a matching back protection made of glass, possibly even more true color and in a transparent variant. Further products are already under development. So, keep checking back here to stay up to date or just subscribe to our newsletter.

By the way: It is still unclear exactly when Apple will introduce the new iPhones. The probable date is September 4th or 12th. GLAZ Liquid and GLAZ screen protector for your iPhone XR will be available for pre-order from Keynote. Click in and protect under https://www.glaz-screen-protector.com/shop/glaz/.

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