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In September 2018 the waiting for the next iPhone generation is finally over. There will probably be three new models Apple will present to its users. Rumor has it that there is an iPhone XS (5.8 inch), an iPhone XR (6.1 inch) and an iPhone XS Plus (6.5 inch). The names are not quite clear yet, but they fuel the wildest speculations. Serious sources have also indicated that the iPhone XR will probably be the cheapest variant. This is mainly due to the fact that only one camera is installed in the high-end device. On the positive side, the iPhone XR should come in four colors. This offers a lot of possibilities for individual wishes and preferences. The customer can save a lot here, but the iPhone XR still has its price. This makes it all the more important to use a robust iPhone XR protective foil.

Why the right protection is so important?

If you choose iPhone XR, the right protection is essential. The Apple Phone has an IPS LCD display, which is extremely susceptible to scratches, just like the glass back. If an item scratches or falls on the valuable iPhone XR, the repair is very costly. If you do not have it repaired for a lot of money, the value is considerably reduced and the resale proceeds are drastically reduced. To prevent this, take care of an iPhone XR protective foil before a purchase.


What’s the best protection for iPhone XR?

To protect your new iPhone XR from all display damages, you need the perfect screen bodyguard as an iPhone XR protective foil. The iPhone XR protective foil from GLAZ should be the first choice here. We have this high-quality protection as tempered glass foil or as liquid tempered glass. Both versions are extremely narrow. This allows the applied layer to remain unnoticed or even invisible in the case of the liquid.

The tempered glass foil measures only 0.25mm glass layer thickness. In addition, we work here with 4D technology that completely adapts to the given, rounded form of the iPhone XR.

The liquid is applied in a 3-layer process and has just a thickness of 4.5 micrometers. With Liquid 2.0 we use glass crystals that lie like a protective shield over your display.

In addition, the 2.0 4D display protection is 99% transparent and our liquid screen protector is 100% transparent. We make a brilliant color experience possible for you. All this to let you being in the know of your iPhone 9.


It has never been so easy to affix!

The iPhone XR protective foil from GLAZ offers even more. We put an end to hours of reading complicated installation instructions. The scope of delivery includes a simple illustrated guide. And you have the opportunity to watch our video on YouTube, where we explain the installation step by step.

To make the installation of our best iPhone XR protective foil even easier, the protective foil comes to you with an exclusive application aid. This applicator is simply placed on the iPhone 9 and the tempered glass is inserted, et voila – your device is safe now!

Applying Liquid 2.0 is also extremely easy. The liquid tempered glass is distributed on the screen with a pad. To achieve the enormous hardness, the process is repeated three times. Your new iPhone can be used immediately after the installation. The glass crystals last up to 5 years and ensure a brilliant appearance. Screen protection can be so simple.


Make your iPhone XR even better!

Thanks to the Clear Notch area, the sensor strip of the tempered foil is kept dust-free. No need to worry about FaceID or distance sensor limitations ever again. The unique construction and special coating on the back of the iPhone XR protective foil ensure that the Notch stays completely clean. Furthermore, our iPhone XR screen protector has a special double anti-fingerprint coating. This special feature ensures less fingerprints and an easier cleaning. The double coating of the tempered glass foil means that this effect lasts twice as long. Experience and feel the difference compared to conventional protective foils.

With Liquid 2.0 we even came up with another highlight. Because after application, the iPhone XR is completely waterproof. So, you can use it underwater thanks to this coating. Who doesn’t dream of lying in the pool, chatting and not worrying about their smartphone?


Backside protection for you!

To prepare you and your iPhone XR even better for all eventualities, our iPhone 9 screen protector in form of an iPhone XR protective foil will have a backside protection. Of course, without any loss in design, because the protection for the back is transparent and true to color. If it should be a different look, but this is not a problem. Just use our liquid tempered glass Liquid 2.0 on the back. Thanks to the extra thin layer of tempered glass, the protection can be used with all common cases and covers. So, you still have every design wish open to you.


How do you get the best protection?

Both the liquid and the iPhone XR protective foil will be available for pre-order from the official Apple presentation in the GLAZ shop. This ensures a perfect protection right on time for the start of sales. In addition, further products that are compatible with the iPhone 9 are planned.


Conclusion – iPhone XR protective foil

With the exclusive tempered glass foil or the Liquid from GLAZ, nothing stands in the way of the impressive iPhone XR experience. Thanks to a special applicator or pad, it is always possible to apply the protection. In addition, the used technologies ensure a perfect fit. The tempered glass is as hard as a sapphire. This makes it highly resistant to cracks and scratches. The high color brilliance provides an optimal view. All this makes the exclusive iPhone XR protection foil from GLAZ the perfect companion at all levels. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you prefer to attach the waterproof liquid or the dirt-repellent tempered glass foil to the iPhone XR.

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