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Apple is inviting you to the Keynote to introduce its new products, including iPhone XR. It will appear in iPhone X-style with 6.1 inch, an LCD display and a single camera. Especially the A12 processor and the new operating system iOS 12 make the device powerful and efficient. In addition, the iPhone XR will be available in different colors and will be the cheapest iPhone model this year.

Although the low price brings some savings with it, the iPhone XR is an outstanding smartphone that will inspire many users. Especially software technically it convinces with certainty and is worth its money in case of a purchase.

iPhone XR: The gossip factory is working overtime!

Summer is coming to an end and Apple fans have been counting the days down to the keynote for some time now. For the second time Apple invites you to the new Steve-Jobs-Theatre for the presentation of the new products. There the keynote will take place on the twelfth of September at 7 p.m. German time (10 p.m. at the PDT) and can be followed via livestream.

Besides the direct iPhone X successors there will be a somewhat cheaper model again this year, which will most likely be called iPhone XR. The gossip factory is working overtime and it seems that we already know a lot about the upcoming iPhone for beginners. Here and in the newsletter, we inform you about all news about the Apple iPhone XR.


iPhone XR: General specs

As known from Apple, the iPhone XR will most likely be a well-made and elegant device. Accordingly, it is similar to its predecessor with a glass back, which, among other things, enables wireless charging on the iPhone XR. The new iPhone will be equipped with a single camera that takes photos with twelve megapixels. The portrait mode is therefore not available in the cheaper version. Another difference to the XS models is the border, which will not be made of stainless steel but of aluminum.


iPhone XR: Screen

At the keynote Apple will present three new smartphones, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Plus and the mentioned iPhone XR. The iPhone XR will be between the other two models in terms of size and have a display diagonal of 6.1 inches. With 1297×828 pixels and a pixel density of about 330 ppi, it is in the shadow of the iPhone XS devices, which impress with up to 450-500 ppi. Here, the first savings on the part of Apple on the iPhone XR become noticeable in order to be able to offer the mobile phone at a lower price. For this reason, the iPhone XR doesn’t have an OLED but an LCD panel, which is also not capable of 3D touch.


iPhone XR: The end of the Home button

Even the cheapest iPhone of 2018 will appear in iPhone X style. Consequently, it comes with an edge-to-edge screen, the characteristic Notch and without a home button. Apple will therefore say bye-bye to the button at the bottom of the iPhone XR display forever. With the Home button, the TouchID also disappears from the screen, which is why the iPhone XR takes a step towards the future with FaceID on board.

In contrast, an Apple patent on the subject of “TouchID 2.0” has recently appeared, which could make it possible to scan a fingerprint under the screen. It is unlikely that this technology will be used in the next iPhone generations. Nevertheless, we may look forward to a comeback of TouchID.


iPhone XR: Processor

Last year’s A11 processor already brought enormous technical and performance improvements to Apple’s top-of-the-line iPhone X. This is topped by the technology giant with the new A12 chip in the iPhone XR, which they manufacture using the 7-nanometer process. For comparison: The A11 chip was manufactured in the 10-nanometer process. The advantage of this method is an increase in performance with less energy consumption. TSMC (Taiwan Semi-conductor Manufacturing Company) speaks of up to 20% speed improvement with 40% less power consumption. The iPhone XR will thus access the built-in 3 GB RAM much faster and more energy-efficiently.


iPhone XR: Operation system

By means of iOS 12, Apple is focusing especially on the performance increase, matching the A12 processor. Therefore, apart from reduced loading times, there are rather few small changes to be found. These primarily include improvements in the language assistant Siri as well as improvements in some apps, such as in photos, stocks and voice memos.

One of the major new features in iOS 12 is the new Message Center, which makes it possible to receive notifications in groups. In this way, not the whole iPhone XR screen is filled with WhatsApp messages, but the lock screen appears much tidier. In the following it is possible to (temporarily) mute apps directly in the message center.

Another new feature is the “screen time” function, which provides an overview of the duration of use of certain apps or the general screen-on time. Especially for parents, this is a practical way to keep a close eye on their children’s mobile phone consumption.

Memojis are new with iOS 12 as well. These are Animoji faces that bring a fresh look to iMessage in a personally customizable way. iOS 12 will be available for all devices that have received the iOS 11 update and will be released on September 19. On the iPhone models iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, iOS 12 will be shipped directly.


iPhone XR: Battery

With an assumed 2700 mAh, the battery of the new iPhone XR is rather small, which is possibly due to the low price again. However, the A12 processor described above is certainly capable of providing a sufficiently long battery life through energy-efficient operation.

A rumor that Apple wants to standardize a new 18-watt power supply with a Lightning-on-USB-C connection with the upcoming iPhones delivers great news. As a result, fast charging would finally be possible without expensive accessories!

By the way: While the joy about a new power supply would be great, it is possible that Apple will remove the adapter from Lightning to 3.5 jack for headphones from the scope of delivery in the future. The EarPods will still be included as accessories.


iPhone XR: Colors

It will be colorful! For the first time since the iPhone 5c, we expect a colorful lineup on the iPhone 9. Apart from gray and white, there are sources reporting that the colors blue, red and orange are available as well. There’s something for everyone in this color palette.


iPhone XR: Prices

As mentioned, the iPhone XR is the entry-level model of this year and will be offered at an affordable price by Apple standards. The smartphone is expected to be available with 64 gigabyte and 256 gigabyte memory options. According to assumptions, the smaller variant starts in the USA at 699 $ to 749 $, which in Germany means about 799 € to 849 €. Despite everything, we do not speak of “cheap”.


iPhone XR: Release

iPhone XR will be presented at the Apple Keynote at the Steve Jobs Theatre on Wednesday, September 12th. Pre-sales in Germany are expected to start at 09.00 a.m. on the following Friday. While the iPhone XS will already be on the market on September 21 th, we will have to wait a little longer for the iPhone XR. It is not yet certain when exactly it will be available. We are currently talking about October to November.


iPhone XR: Conclusion

With the iPhone XR, Apple will definitely release a bestseller again, which appeals to some people because of its color selection, the relatively low price and the iPhone X design. In my opinion, with 6.1 inches it has a good size and is neither too big nor too small. Especially the new A12 chip in combination with iOS 12 guarantees a great user experience without jerking on the iPhone XR.

Nonetheless, some significant savings are noticeable due to the low price. Besides the LCD panel and the single camera, I’m especially disappointed that 3D-Touch doesn’t find any room in the new iPhone.

In the end, all these are just speculations and rumors. So, we can look forward to what Apple will surprise us with at the keynote! The days are numbered. Are you ready?

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