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iPhone X Plus Release: Apple convinced with its newest innovation – the iPhone X – last year. The Smartphone has been available on market since November 2017. Beside the impressive iOS functions of the mobile phone, the iPhone X is also convincing with its high quality OLED screen. Different tests show that the Apple iPhone X has the best screen, which was ever on market. Of course Apple wants to continue at this point. A number of models are scheduled for 2018. Beside the iPhone SE 2 a successor for iPhone X is scheduled as well. After this term is more or less well known, the rumors around the issue “iPhone X Plus Release” are high.

New iPhone X Plus Release: A new iPhone X Plus is scheduled?

Beside iPhone SE 2, Apple wants to continue a successor for iPhone X – The iPhone X Plus Release. As this company has always released Plus models for the last iPhones, we assume that this rule is also taken with the iPhone X.

As Apple doesn’t give clear statements so far, we can just take some rumors, which deal with the term of news. There are a high number of rumors, which say that a iPhone X Plus Release is possible for autumn 2018. But iPhone SE 2 and iPhone X Plus are not the only models, which can be on market this year. As per rumors, there are further versions, which meet the needs of the users (design, price, technology, photo and video camera).

iPhone X Plus Release: Which improvements/features are possible?

In the last chapter, we show you the facts regarding iPhone X Plus Release, which could not be detailed, as Apple doesn’t give clear statements about this issue. For this reason, we can give you just the most successful rumors now.

As per rumors, the screen shall be a little bit bigger than the screen of iPhone X. Instead of the 5,8 inches screen, the iPhone X shall be have a size of 6,5 inches. At first glance this may not be a great difference, because the difference is around 1,6 centimeter. But by the issue of screens, this is a large difference. Instead of a LCD, Apple will count on an OLED screen with iPhone X Plus Release.

Optically, the iPhone X orient itself to its predecessor. In the matter of cases, Apple wants to make some modifications. With regard to iPhone X Plus Release, there will be some surprises in matter of SIM card. As per rumors, Apple wants so fall back on a dual SIM system among Samsung as well.

iPhone X Plus Release: The right protection is important

When the iPhone X Plus Release is close, you have to think about the price of this iPhone X Plus, which will be in the range of iPhone X. This means that the price will be in the same category as a used vehicle or a summer trip. So, small inattentions can involve serious damages.

This is why you should pay attention and take the right screen protector. The screen and backside protection from GLAZ is the hit regarding “Smartphone integrity” and “screen protectors”. In the case of an iPhone X purchase, you want that you can enjoy the Smartphone in a long term, or?

Therefore you should take our products (beside the iPhone models, the screen protector is also available for the watch and iPad models). Currently, an iPhone X Plus protection isn’t yet available. But if the iPhone X Plus Release is close, you can be sure that we offer these products for your as well.

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