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iPhone X Plus News: We already talked about the topic “iPhone X Plus” or rather “iPhone 2018” a few weeks ago. At this time, it wasn’t clear, if there will be even a successor model of the Apple iPhone X. Many questions remain unsolved: “Which size the Smartphone will have?”, “Is an LCD or OLED screen possible?” … und further on. Meanwhile there are some brand-new iPhone X Plus News again, which are not just based on speculations. Learn all about the topic iPhone X Plus News in this article.

iPhone X Plus News: There will be an iPhone X successor!

Apple wants to be the “runner” concerning newest innovation this year. The company was able to score points in iPhone X innovations, but some users weren’t satisfied with the speed of the Smartphone. Due to iOS issues, Apple’s newest model started to lag behind other models. The competitors could make up the leeway. This time, Apple wants to be the runner again. Actually, there are already some parts of the Plus model in progress. Which they are and which features they have remain unclear. It also remains unclear, if the new model will have the name of iPhone X Plus. Apple is planning three other models this year. We are almost sure, that there will be an iPhone X Plus as well.

iPhone X Plus News: Some data are already known

The successor iPhone X Plus shall be having an OLED screen, as you already know from its predecessor, which convinces with first-class technology. The size of the screen shall be 6,5 inches. The iPhone X complies with iPhone 8 by size. Especially concerning the length and width the iPhone X Plus should comply with this model. Concerning the thickness, it will increase a little bit, because the iPhone X Plus model shall have a 0,2 cm wider thickness.

iPhone X Plus News: The models more colorful?

Apple has actually released some models on market, which could convince with a soft colorful design. Nevertheless, the color-banger stayed away. Now some pictures occurred, which show the iPhone 2018 prototypes and lo and behold …

… there are pictured some models with colorful backsides. However, it remains unclear, if the backside is for an iPhone SE or for another model. The only thing, what we know is that Apple will offer a colorful year.

iPhone X Plus News: Don’t forget the right protective foil!

I admit that there is still time for the release of iPhones 2018. However, you should already think about a perfect protective foil. There is a lot iPhone X Plus News, which are not clear. But one thing shall be clear: The iPhone X Plus will have the same price-level as its predecessor. A short inactiveness could already have a serious damage. For this reason, it is important to know, that you should already now think about the right protective foil.

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