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iPhone X Plus camera: May someone understand the world of Smartphones. The manufacturer of modern Smartphones wants to give more and more for their products. Constantly, there are monthly new models. The Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy products are the leader at this. Thereby the manufacturers want to offer the newest innovations. The iPhone X – which has been available on market since November 2017 and impressed in different tests – shall be have a successor this year. Beside the iPhone SE 2, there shall be also an iPhone X Plus. As Apple doesn’t give clear statements, we can only base on speculations.

iPhone X Plus camera: Release date

We don’t actually know much about this topic, but we already know that Apple has always released a Plus version on market. For this reason, we are almost sure that there will also be a Plus version at this time. Concerning the release date, we are not sure. It should be a date toward Autumn 2018. This means that we have to wait a little bit. But we think, that the waiting period could be worthwhile as the Apple model will convince again with the best innovation and a great iPhone X Plus camera.

iPhone X Plus camera: How the new camera will be?

The iPhone X camera could already convince many users in the last year. As per Consumer Reports the camera receive the award „best Smartphone camera”. So how the new camera will be and how Apple can go one better and make the iPhone X Plus camera?

As per rumours, the iPhone X Plus camera shall be placed – like with iPhone X – on the left vertical area of the mobile phone backside. As Apple has already pushed the yardstick higher, there won’t be many innovations with the iPhone X Plus camera. As with the predecessor model, the iPhone X Plus camera will convince with a True Depth camera system.

iPhone X Plus camera: Which improvements will be generally available?

 Beside – not too great – innovations of iPhone X Plus camera, some changes will be generally available. As per rumours the screen shall be larger. It shall be growth by 0,7 inches (1,8 cm). Perhaps Apple will also surprise with a „Dual SIM “, because with iPhone X Plus Apple is thinking about this system.

Optically, there won’t be many changes expect the difference of 0,7 inches. It shall be oriented with its predecessor. But as per rumors, the case will be changed lightly. Concerning this matter, the clear statements aren’t yet coming.


So, we may be excited concerning iPhone X Plus and iPhone X Plus camera. Apple has surprised everybody with its anniversary model last year. Of course, it is difficult now to make great new innovations after just one year. But in our opinion, we think that the iPhone X Plus and iPhone X Plus camera will be available with great features and functions. We can just wait and being excited about the new Apple model.


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