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Face ID – A delicate topic

Apple’s latest model – the iPhone X – has broken sales records since November 2017. The iPhone X with its unique screen has convinced many users during these six months. It has also a unique design and an innovate Face ID. While the screen has already had some issues concerning sensitivity to cold and the green line of death, the Face ID is spared from problems. We thought as much. Shortly after the sales launch, there were already some reports. Now in 2018, the reports become more and more. One topic, which is already known by everyone: iPhone X Face ID issue!

More complex than expected: The iPhone X camera system

Face ID is not available, try again later. With a Smartphone, which is unlocked by a Face ID, this phrase is very difficult. We understand, that the users want to have to fast solution for this problem. But we ask, how could this iPhone X Face ID issue exist. Curiously, the Face ID doesn’t word during a use of the back camera. This means that both cameras have to be connected with each other. An Apple employee explained this iPhone X Face ID issue to the affected users.

So, the cameras are connected with each other and influence each other during problems and issues. In this case the dual camera on the backside is affected. This camera has two different lenses, which are different concerning its procedure. Furthermore, both lenses are connected respectively with a special part of the front camera. The telephoto lens with a back dual camera is connected to a True Depth camera system, which is responsible for the Face ID. This includes inter alia an infrared camera, illuminator, projector and a 7-megapixel sensor. The whole area seems to be responsible for the iPhone X Face ID issue. The other part, which is connected to with the front camera, works perfectly. So, the aspect, that some functions like panorama, time lapse and slow-motion mode works also perfectly, is explained.

Apple ‘s guidelines as a solution for iPhone X Face ID issue

It isn’t possible to repair the iPhone X Face ID issue by yourself. Due to the complicate construction of both camera systems, it is possible that serious damages are the result. So, we recommended to anybody, who has this iPhone X Face ID issue, to go to an Apple Store. There you will be have quickly some help, because as per a statement of 9to5Mac, Apple has new guidelines concerning the iPhone X Face ID issue now. These guidelines are responsible for the following parts:

Of course, the problems of Face ID could be a result of other factors expect the main camera. To be sure, that the camera system is responsible for the iPhone X Face ID issue, the Apple employees execute some diagnostic tests. When these diagnostic tests are positive for the main camera, Apple will exchange the camera. But even this repair work does not solve this iPhone X Face ID issue in some cases. So, it could be possible that the Face ID has again some issues and the connection doesn’t work. In this case, the iPhone X will be exchange without difficulty.

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