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An iPhone X display repair could be according to current knowledge in the three-digit euro area. But to what extent is Apple’s high end product of the year 2017 more vulnerable to display damage of all kinds? All valuable tips are now available from us to be able to enjoy the new Apple iPhone X for a long time.

A boundless display

A limitless 5.8 inch Super Retina HD display is designed to define the design of the upcoming iPhone X. The Home Button will disappear as announced. But what does “limitless” really mean? The new OLED display will extend over the entire screen, including the edges. With a contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1 and a resolution of 2436x 1125 pixels, colors are redefined on this display. Who can count 1 and 1 now knows that scratches or cracks will destroy the new look of the iPhone X. An iPhone X display repair is thus indispensable.

The material

Stronger glass is expected to lower the cost of iPhone X display repair. But the vulnerability for serious damage and therefore for repairs has nevertheless increased with the edgeless design. Display damage, which could also impair the functionality, can also make the savings piggy in the long term. Repair costs in the price category of a medium-sized smartphone could arise.

The possibilities

If it happen , of course, an efficient iPhone X display repair should be carried out. What are the possibilities?

  1. a) The iPhone X Display Repair – Repair it yourself?

This kind of an iPhone X display repair, we would only recommend the “technically talented people”, since the opening of the display any guarantee claims forfeit. Therefore- fingers away from Internet tutorials or semi-knowledge !!!

  1. b) An iPhone X display repair via Apple?

With AppleCare + you can extend your warranty by two to three years. However, this has its price! With the MacBook Pro it’s by  349 euros. The iPhone currently is at 69 euros. The price could however still be raised. A service charge of min. 29 Euro would arise with a pure display damage. An amount of at least 99 euros would be required for further damages.

  1. c) Times quite “Retro”: An iPhone X display repair in the store

Many would definitely visit a shop, which specializes in repairs of the mobile phone / display. Why not? Some stores offer a solid repair service with reasonable prices for, for example, replacement of the broken display. Here, however, we must also warn you from the “Black Sheeps”. Not all shops are acting in the interest of the customer and it is possible to create horror prices for “unsuspecting customers”. Especially in case of a possible repair of the Apple iPhone X a watchful eye is necessary . First check the reviews and opinions – then order the repair.

Conclusion – Can an iPhone X display repair be avoided in advance?

To this question there is a very clear yes! With our iPhone X armmored glass you can avoid this “repair dilemma” in advance. Whether our Liquid 2.0 or our screen protector 2.0 – it is guaranteed for everyone something! As hard as a sapphire, our protective film will protect your new iPhone X as a daily companion. The light transmission or the touch screen are not restricted! Of course, there is also our product for all other Smartwatch, Tablet or Smartphone models such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, the iPhone 7/7 Plus or the Apple iPad. Further information is available on our website. Our reviews speak for themselves. Cost: 36.90 Euro plus shipping. A new display is significantly more expensive!


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