iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparison

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iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparison: The iPhone X has been available since November 2017 on market. The new Smartphone of Apple combines the OLED technology in its screen for the first time. The screen covers the whole front and is built directly with the case. The whole backside of iPhone X is composed of glass as well. The manufacturer has actually integrated the strongest glasses into the new Smartphone – Through the iPhone X isn’t unbreakable. For this reason it is important to take the right screen protection. In topic of the right protection, many users often think only about the protection for the front. The protection for the backside is mostly missed. And this is where risks could be lie. It is right that the front of a Smartphone is broken more often than the backside, but you should not do protection without a backside bulletproof glass.

iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparison – important features of a bulletproof glass

Of course, in our iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparison we’ll also look for the features, which should have a good bulletproof glass. Many manufacturers don’t keep their promises with regard to the optimal protection. More and more users are disappointed about some bulletproof foils. After buying an article, they have quickly realized that the foil doesn’t deliver what its first impressions promises. Fractures, scrapes and scratches are the results.

But which features does have a good bulletproof glass? Firstly, you should not have a lot of interest about the price. It is understandable that you want to have the optimal protection for less money. Though there are hardly any cheap protective foils or cases, which keep promises. So, if you want to protect your Smartphone in a long run, you should spend a little more money. The hardness grade takes also an important part. The higher the hardness grade, the harder the glass and the better the protection is. A hardness grade of a minimum of 8 H is recommended. Furthermore there are following important Features:

  • perfectly adjusted size (as well as for the camera)
  • rounded edges
  • thickness as soon as small
  • strong adhesion (between foil and Smartphone)

iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparison 2018– This is how the others bulletproof glasses came off:

Similar to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models, iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparisons have even shown that the bulletproof glasses don’t often have the suitable features, which leads to an optimal and high-quality protection. Different comparisons showed that some foils don’t have the needed adhesion. Due to this fact, the foil begins to come loose after shortest time. This is why, there could be quick some dirt and other particles under the foil, which lead to an unattractive look. iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparisons should also have shown that the foils don’t have a high hardness grade, although it is indicated. Many bulletproof glasses are also failed the iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparison, because its optic. Either the glasses were too thick or they had the incorrect format.

iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparison 2018 – Which is the best iPhone X backside bulletproof glass?

Due to the face that there have been many glasses, which are failed the iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparison, there comes the feeling of desperation. You don’t know, which screen protection is the best for your Smartphone. Now – here is our part of the game: GLAZ – the high-quality and innovative screen protections are the clear winner in our iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparison.

You are always on the safe side with the iPhone X backside bulletproof glass of GLAZ. Our iPhone X backside bulletproof glasses have hardness grade of 9H and experts therefore the best protection. They have even a special small thickness of 0,33 mm, which make the bulletproof glass almost invisible. As the newest innovation of Apple, GLAZ does count on rounded edges as well. The rounded edges are responsible for a high aesthetic. Thanks to the anti fingerprint coating, annoying polishes are now things of the past. Our products are of course able to wireless charging further on. Beside the screen protection 2.0, we offer also Liquid 2.0. You can find more information about in on our blog. The screen protection 2.0 and Liquid 2.0 of GLAZ are available in our shop or on Amazon. Our prices are between 26,90 (for the front) and 55 euro (for both sides). You can find further news in our blog, on Facebook or in our YouTube channel. So why do you have to wait longer?


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