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iPhone X back protector – The back protection is also important for the most expensive Apple Smartphone of all time.

The new iPhone X has been available on market since November 2017 and has a princely sum of 1.150 euro. This seems not less, if we think about the fact, that we can already buy a used vehicle with this sum of money. But the price is not unjustified. The iPhone X has new innovations. The Super Retina HD screen with OLED-Technology, the borderless display, Face-ID, an optimized front camera with portrait mode and A11 Bionic are just some of them. Apple has also presenting its new model with a glassed back since 6 years. At this the glass of back and front should be the hardest glass, which was ever integrated into an iPhone. But that does not mean that the iPhone X is indestructible. So it is important to buy the suitable supplies to protect the Smartphone with an iPhone X back protector.

iPhone X back protector – It is not only the front, which should be important

By buying a suitable screen protection, many people often think just about the front protection. But why is this fact? Some people have already made the experience: If the Smartphone does fall on a hard ground, it is often the front, which get damages. This is due to the less rotation speed of the Smartphone. Let’s make an example with a crash: During a crash, the Smartphone is often positioned in the chest area. We hold it under the focus, which is responsible for the direction, in which the Smartphone is turning during a crash. This leads to the fact that the Smartphone does not make a whole rotation, but rather a half rotation, so that the Smartphone falls on its front.

Due to the facts a crash of often ending on the front, we should not only think about a front protection. The back could also be damaged with a crash. If we are holding the Smartphone over the focus for one time, it is probably as well that the back can be damaged. Because this can also be annoying with the most expensive Apple Smartphone of all time, you should not only think about the front protection, but also on the back protection such as cases or bullet proof glasses.

iPhone X back protection – This is what you have to consider about:

An iPhone X back protection should have the same features like a front protection foil. For one thing, an iPhone X back protection should have a high hardness grade. But the high hardness grade should not have an effect to the thickness. This means that a foil with a high hardness grade should not restrict the functions of touch screens. It is recommended a hardness grade of 8H. The optic takes also part for the recommended features for an iPhone X back protector. For many people it is important that they will not feel a difference between a Smartphone with and without an iPhone X back protector. So this is why, a suitable size of iPhone X back protector is also essential. In this case rounded corners and an optimal sized design is important. So the corners can be covered and protected as well.

This is why GLAZ is the best supplier for iPhone X back protector

Above-named you could learn about the features, which are responsible for a useful and optimal protection. The screen protector 2.0 3D of GLAZ combines exactly all of these important features and advantages of an iPhone X back protector.

The protection of GLAZ is available in our shop and on Amazon and has a hardness grade of H9, which restricts no functions and gives a real screen adventure further on with high quality. Due to the rounded corners you have an optimal sized affixing. You have also the feeling that there is no protective foil on Smartphone. The screen protection of GLAZ has a thickness of 0,33 mm and is compatible for wireless charging further more.

You can see that the screen protection of GLAZ is exactly the right choice for your iPhone X. It can be extremely annoying when your daily companion is damaged with a crash or something else and cannot serves like the crash before. Avoid these situations and fall back on our screen protection of GLAZ.


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