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The iPhone 8 wireless charging

The cordless charging of the battery is definitely one of the features, which is still missing the iPhone models, but not in the new iPhone 8 wireless charging. Not only a further connection could be saved with the design of the iPhone 8, it would be synonymous in some other respects always useful. Among other things, Apple has already built with the previous model iPhone 7 on making the smartphone as watertight as possible. A connection less on the housing would contribute to the waterproof even more. But why exactly does the Apple user speculate that the iPhone 8 brings Wireless Charging as a feature with it?

Already in january 2016 Bloomberg reported that Apple would like to take advantage of the wireless technology in the following iPhone models. Have already been Leaks abadoned to the technology? Only because of this statement the rumor kitchen does’nt stand still since a long time. But does Apple already wants to fall back on this technology with the iPhone 8 ?

Many hints suggest that the new feature is introduced with the iPhone 8 Wireless Charging. On the one hand, Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium not to long ago. This is a technology company, which supports the wireless charging standard “Qi” – if that is not a sign.

By joining the company, Apple has now followed some other smartphone manufacturers such as Nokia, HTC, Samsung and LG, which have already offered the cordless charging options with their models such as the OnePlus, the Galaxy 6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge. In contrast to the other companies, Apple, however, insists that loading is done via magnetic loading surfaces instead of via radio waves. According to further speculation, Apple could turn over from its previously used, metal housing on a glass housing. But this rumor remains to be seen. But if you think Apple is entering new territory with this area, you are wrong, because the Apple Watch has already developed a device that is inductively charged. However, the iPhone 8 would be the first Apple developed smartphone, which is wirelessly loadable.

On the other hand, the California-based US company “Energous” announced at the “CES” a few weeks ago that they would work together with “one of the world’s largest entertainment electronics companies”.

The name of the company has not officially fallen, but they can not deny that this could also be Apple. After all, using the technology developed by “Energous” they would have taken a big step in the right direction to optimize with the iPhone 8 Wireless Charging.

Because when you consider that the “Energous” are so advanced with their technology that they have developed a module that allows a smartphone or other electronic devices containing it to be located at a distance of approx. 4.5 m Charging, there is nothing more standng in the way for the feature for the iPhone 8 theoretically.You have to remember, however, that everything is so far only speculation, because whether the iPhone 8 is included wireless charging and it already contains the module, remains to be seen.

Apart from the fact that Apple would save a connection and the “Waterproof test” should now almost be a top score, there are, of course, other advantages, which would bring the whole with it. On the one hand, accessories such as compatible chargers would be much more widespread and you would not have to worry about why you forgot your charging cable, if you could just ask your fellow men. On the other hand, it has advantages for so many companies. IKEA, McDonalds and Starbucks already offer furniture and loading areas, where you can lay down and recharge your mobile phone. This way you save not only electricity, but also the Powerbank

Conclusion: There are currently many speculations and hints that suggest that the iPhone 8 Wireless Charging is added as a new feature. Even if it does not often happen that the iPhone hangs behind the other competitors, in this case many smartphone manufacturers are ahead. Why should Apple otherwise have joined the Wireless Power Consortium and probably a close cooperation with “Energous” plan? Whether the iPhone 8 really comes with such equipment on the market, however, remains to be seen. In the fall, the introduction of the new model will show whether the iPhone 8 Wireless Charging will be included and Apple users can look forward to it.


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