iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8

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iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8, Apple vs Samsung – two top-rated, 2 new models – but which model is better? One thing can already be said, both models do not take much and are not only positive in the mouths of the critics.

iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8: The starting situation 2017

Apple has created with the whole news and leaks, which were not always intended, a lot of tension on the new model. That much of this information, which are gradually leaked, are for an extra model, previously nobody knew. Does this mean that Apple fans may be disappointed by the iPhone 8?

Also Samsung did not start with the best output situation in the production of the

new models. The predecessor has literally burst into flames. Of course Samsung has solved the problem now by means of a new, smaller battery. But are people afraid that a similar disaster could happen again?

iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8: The design

Both want only one thing: be the best on the market. Apple is relying on that well known design. The speculations about a new look, without Home Button and an edge-to-edge display, is true of the new iPhone X as a kind “Anniversary Edition”. The new iPhone 8 “only” looks like a refresh from the Predecessor. Not even the size is important, because it is only a few millimeters difference. The iPhone 8 Plus also does not show any big differences to the previous model. The only thing that has changed is the existing glass back, which in the previous model was still made of metal.

In contrast, Samsung is focusing on a completely new design. Of course, some details on the mobile phone are betrayed, that it is a Samsung smartphone, because they were the same or similar in the previous models. Apple is unlike Samsung on an almost edge-to-edge display. There is only a small margin to be seen.

In dot design, you can guess that in the duel iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8 Samsung has the nose ahead. A new design makes attractive and naturally arouses the interest of future buyers. Apple, on the other hand, relies on the old design – is that a good thing to buyers ?

iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8: (New) Features

Some features around the new models of the two competitors Apple and Samsung are the same. On the one hand, both manufacturers place great importance on the fact that the smartphone is as watertight as possible. On the other hand, of course, security is a point to consider. How can you lock your mobile phone so, that no one is unintentionally accessing the data? In the case of the iPhone 8, Apple once again reverts to the tried and tested option of the fingerprint scanner. Since the iPhone 8 still has a home button, this is the only additional option to lock the phone. With Apple everything is still the same.

Samsung, on the other hand, is one step ahead in this model. The Galaxy Note 8 can be unlocked next to the finger sensor by facial recognition or iris scanner. In addition, Galaxy Note 8 allows you to open 2 apps simultaneously (“side by side”) with only one “click”.

iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8: Additions

With the iPhone 8, there will be no additional features that were present in the predecessor model.

In contrast, the Galaxy Note 8 will have a pen for which a holder is attached to the phone. The S-Pen is a chic new addition, which has been added, but is not really necessary.

iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8: The System

After Samsung’s predecessor model after the incidents had no great chances to be successful in the market, there is now a new battery. This is smaller than the previous model. This also has an effect on the battery life. In tests, a time of 11 hours and 11 minutes has come out. However, you can not say that the difference in the runtime is very important. Apple has prevailed with the iPhone 8 only 5 minutes longer. Both of them are, however at the top, as far as that is concerned.

The RAM of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with the operating system Android, has a size of 6 GB. The internal memory with 64 GB sounds relatively little. However, you should not worry, because it can be extended by a micro SD card. This is different with the iPhone 8 with the usual operating system iOS. The RAM has a size of 3 GB. The internal memory can be selected between different sizes. Starting with 64 GB it goes up to 256 GB. When buying, you should be aware that the memory can not be expanded by a memory card.

iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8: The Camera

The front camera, or even “Selfie camera”, differs only slightly. The Galaxy Note 8 has a resolution of 8 MP and is thus an MP in front of the iPhone 8 with 7 MP. The rear camera of both models do not differ at all in the megapixel number. Both have a resolution of 12 MP and therefore both have a very good quality. Both Apple as Samsung also use a dual camera. Apple had it also already in the predecessor model, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a newcomer in this field.

The quality of both cameras is good, you can now no longer really doubt. However, there are also differences between the images they make. Samsung has a larger aperture in the camera that means that more light can reach the sensor and the focus range becomes smaller. This makes it possible to blur the background, as in a professional camera. A small flaw is that the tones of critics are described as “too warm”, which means that images can look unnatural. Apple has this feature as well. However, here the blemish is not in the unnatural colors, but in the fact that objects, which lie on the same level with the sharply imaged object, are also blurred.

The two cameras also have a difference: The camera from Apple has a smaller angle. That means it fits less to the picture.


Both smartphones are not quite as good at critical critics.

However, you can not say that you must agree with all this. They are two good models that are enough for the “normal” hand and offer cool features. Whether Apple disappoints with the iPhone 8, because it has the same design as the previous models, everyone has to decide for themselves.

For which model one ultimately should decide, depends on the taste of each individual. One thing you can say is that both smartphones are priced roughly in the same range, depending on which Apple model you want. Whoever wins the Duel iPhone 8 vs. Galaxy Note 8, therefore, remains to be seen. You can be curious about who will finish the race.


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