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Apple’s rumored kitchen is revived with the iPhone 8 Touch ID Iron Man look once again. Yes you read correctly: Iron Man Look! We all know the science fiction figure from the year 2008, which in its high-tech suit all adventures experienced. But what does Apple have to do with Iron Man? We will soon find out about this at the upcoming Keynote in September 2017. Now there is some information about our new rumor:

A race of designers:

Whether the Apple iPhone 6 or 7, the largest and most famous designers worldwide, everyone wants to be there and participate in the most popular smartphone around the world. So there are already proposals by Vianney le Masne about a somewhat darker design. You can find out more about this in our blog! Now the designer M. Merkler throws a new angle of view with the iPhone 8 Touch ID Iron Man look into the world

Everything about the function of the Apple iPhone 8 Touch ID Iron Man

M.Merkler shows in his latest post imposing pictures about his Apple iPhone 8 Touch ID Iron Man Design Proposal:

On the back of the smartphone you will find the Apple logo, which is in an aluminum cover. No matter whether SMS, Whats app, Facebook and co. Announcements of all kinds will illuminate the logo in all colors by RGB Micro LED. M. Merkler announced that this design reminded him of Iron Man and the core of his suit. As an additional gadget, this cover can be opened to insert the respective SIM card. The similarity with Iron Man is quite striking, isn’t it?

In addition, it shows a 25 megapixel camera with flash at the upper right edge of the iPhone 8 Touch ID. Below is a so-called “solar panel”, which of course is to benefit the environment.

Conclusion: Will there be an iPhone 8 Touch ID Iron Man?

Especially those of you who followed all newstickers or updates throughout the year have been smiling. This has also a good reason, since for weeks over nothing else than a disappearance of the Touch ID including Home Button is spoken. Some pages speak of a complete integration of this into the display. Other pages report the appearance of the touch ID on the side. Whether there will actually be an iPhone 8 Touch ID Iron Man Edition, we will know in a few days! If, however, Apple actually had problems with the implementation of the display integration of the Home Button including Touch ID, an Iron Man version would be conceivable, however! What do you think? Is the iPhone 8 Touch ID Iron Man a no-go?


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