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If you want to increase the next generation of the iPhones, you should take care of your new smartphone perhaps a little more than before. Because an iPhone 8 repair could be a lot more difficult and thus certainly also more expensive. It may even be worthwhile to make an insurance over your mobile phone provider; Apple itself offers as always with the appearing device in end of 2017 a warranty period of 1 year.

New construction complicates repair

If the iPhone 8 repair requires a display change, the display will most likely be replaced as a complete unit. This consists of a display glass, touch screen, display frame and LCD display. It is necessary to replace the entire display unit as soon as one of these parts is defective. A separate exchange of the individual components is not possible.

Causes for a change of the display unit are a crack in the display glass, failure of the background lighting, screen display black, blue or green, stripes on the display or various pixel errors or a part of the display is faulty. In the case of the iPhone 8 repair is also to access high-quality parts, because otherwise components could stand over.

iPhone 8 Repair only by professionals

If you already have such an expensive smartphone, you should also make sure that if it comes to an iPhone 8 repair, you choose selected partners from Apple or Apple itself. Surely everyone has a friend who knows someone who repairs the whole under the hand more cheaply. Thanks to the advanced technology in the new iPhone 8, this is more and more difficult and you should not save on the wrong end.

After all, you do not want only to maintain the functionality, but also the beautiful look of the Apple iPhone 8. An iPhone 8 repair on external components could cause protruding edges, a faulty repair on inner life could even endanger entire functions. According to current news, the board may not be mounted on the back, but more complicated in the frame between the screen and the backplate. This could make a hobby artist already sweating and it would be very annoying, if for example with the new smartphone suddenly the touch is restricted or does not work at all.

Recommendation: Do not save on the wrong end!

If your iPhone 8 suffered a damage, go directly to Apple and let the take a look. Many internal problems and errors (with regard to functionality) usually fall into the one-year Apple warranty. If it is a matter of external damage and optical flaws, you should also be there for advice and ask which Partner Store can make a suitable repair. We also suggest this advice for any repairs of new smartphones or devices. No matter if it is iPad, iPhone 7 Plus, Mac or Samsung Galaxy S8 – if you get a new, modern device, you should not save on a few euro for an upcoming repair.


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